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zoho notebook

Zoho Notebook: The Beginning of Evernote Alternatives?

Frankly, nothing beats Evernote. There are no Evernote alternatives. Is that true? Granted that there are now many tools – including Google Notes and iOS Notes — that have as much functionality as Evernote does. There are tons of ways to organize your thoughts, notes,

andco automatic invoicing

And Co: Automatic Invoicing For Freelancers

Freelancers never have it easy, there I said it. Hustling everyday for clients, delivering work on time, and then hustling some more to make sure you’d ride out the wave of “feast-famine cycles” as Corey Pemberton of BidSketch calls it. Almost always in between, you’d

webengage journeys

Web Engage Journeys: Reimagining Marketing Automation

The one thing that’s sorely missing on most websites today is engagement (I won’t be surprised if this blog also scores low, I must admit). We are all now so used to the digital web that shaking hands, smiling, and saying hello seem archaic. The

Ecommerce Management Tools

Grab This: Top eCommerce Management Tools

We all want better deals. They love convenience. Obviously, no one likes to wade through rough commute for a couple of hours, struggle to find a parking spot, and then put in the hours for shopping. It’s no wonder that ecommerce is huge today, and


Snitcher: Smart B2B Lead Generation Off Your Website

If you ever build a website, it must be built for a single reason: to generate leads. Beyond that, you could use your blog (tied in nicely with your website) to build traction, engagement, and get inbound traffic that’s relevant. All that traffic gets into

Chirp For Chrome

Chirp For Chrome: It’s Time To Up Your Twitter Game

The way things go, your engagement on Twitter takes on a new, shiny stride when you start sharing quotes (and this is best only after real human-to-human engagement on Twitter). Quotes are short, impactful, and make for great pieces of content. You only need to

duplicator pro

Duplicator Pro: WordPress Site Migration Made Easy

WordPress powers about 25.5% of the web and that isn’t going to slow down at al. In fact, it already powers 30.3% of all the web’s top 1000 websites and if you can take as social proof, you’ll only expect these numbers to climb. W3Techs

DropBox productivity Tools

Dropbox Just got 18-Inch Biceps: Care to Check Them Out?

Most of us use DropBox and it goes without saying that it’s probably one of the most important, crucial, and popular file storing and document sharing service out there. The cherry on top with good products today is that they just keep getting better. Dropbox


SnagIt: It’s More than Just ScreenShots Now

Business owners, marketers, executives, and possibly all professionals need a way to explain, communicate, and teach. You might create documents for your team to follow up on, or you might want to create material to present your ideas better. In a way, we are all