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SnagIt: It’s More than Just ScreenShots Now

Business owners, marketers, executives, and possibly all professionals need a way to explain, communicate, and teach. You might create documents for your team to follow up on, or you might want to create material to present your ideas better. In a way, we are all

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark: Stories Get a Life Of Their Own

With the likes of Snappa, Canva, and many other graphic design tools available today, there’s no dearth of help. It also looks like designers would have to do something more to offer than just plain, vanilla design. As if the entire spectrum of existing tools


Pablo: Social Visuals Made Stupefyingly Easy

Visuals on social media have a way to hook you. When you do it for your business, there’s a sense of “cool, sexy, and purposeful” about it. The good things aside, content with images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Plus, visual


SoFlow: Making Social Ah-So-Easy

We do have some incredibly powerful tools when it comes to your social media management. You have Buffer for Business, HootSuite, and SocialOomph for managing your social accounts. Meanwhile you also have tools like SumAll and Brand24 for doing much more with social such as

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Rise Of Apps: How Technology Impacts Business?

Technology made the once popular “guy standing in the moving line of engines at an auto assembly plant” redundant. Robots came in and made it all the much better for the auto and auto ancillary parts industry globally. That was a long time ago and

Smooch App

Smooch: Talk & Engage With Your Customers, Where They Are

  Just like you shouldn’t be expecting customers to show up at your door just because you decided to be in business, you can’t be expecting customers to stick the lines of communication you’ve embraced. If the customer is a queen, you’d need to pander


AeroLeads: Find & Manage Your Leads Like a Pro

Businesses can barely survive without sales. There ought to be a dedicated, laser-focused approach to the sales funnel – and there’s no denying that. Any startup or business that simply assumes that customers will barge in, knocking doors off their hinges by queuing up overnight,


WPForms: Build WordPress Forms Easy & Quick

Forms are everything on your website. They are the gateway for others to reach out to you. They are the only means for your customers to ask you pre-sale questions. For just a few web pages representing a business, forms are truly the window out