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Nuage: A Brand New Way to Manage Domains

When was the last time you actually remembered when to renew your domain name? Now, that question pertains to you if you have just one domain name to manage. What if you had several domains, spread across multiple registrars? Or are you depending on those

Vizia Reviews

Vizia: Making Video Work For Everyone

As of today, video isn’t fancy. It’s not a choice anymore. It’s powerful, it’s great for narrating stories, and it’s incredibly effective for marketing, branding, communicating, and more. For instance, according to this infographic from Hubspot, a simple video in email leads to a whopping


Usabili Me: How To Connect With Customers Faster

It’s easy to get loaded with so much technology sometimes that we miss the most important reason you are in business. If it wasn’t for your customers, there’d be no business. Not to mention that we also have to take care of a slew of

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Unbounce Releases Embeddable CTA Feature (Beta)

You know pop-ups are important. It’s another thing that it’s debatable whether or not they are effective. Marketers who use pop-ups well, however, are almost always rewarded. OptinMonster, SumoMe, and a few other popular tools give you plenty of options for designing pop ups for


Riyo: A New Way To Power Your Services Business

Do you have a service business? Are you already suffering the technician’s burnout with your service offerings? If you run service businesses like IT & computer repairs, healthcare, aged care, pet care, gardening, landscaping, Automobile services, Consulting, home removals, or possibly any kind of service,


Vectr: Get Your Hands On A Free Graphics Editor

Are you a designer struggling with your already heavy workload? Or maybe you are a super marketer with absolutely no tolerance to other graphic designers or vendors who could be taking forever to deliver simple vector designs that you need for your marketing assets such

unrollme A Promising Way to Inbox Zero?

Going Inbox Zero has become as much a priority for thousands of Internet users, and it seems like it’s just as important as email itself is. Executive teams spend an average of about 1.5 hours a day, and they send out an average of about

mobile apps

9 Indispensible Mobile Apps For Business

Mobile apps changed everything. They are the staple of every smartphone today and webmasters along with business owners have all taken to it in a big way. Yet, there are many who haven’t. Or maybe they do but it already we thought we’ll scrutinize the

Author App

Author App: Digital Publishing Finally Looks Hot

Today, all brands are publishers. Individuals and businesses alike have already embraced the power of blogging and the exhaustive list of benefits information-based marketing has in an age when consumers have low patience levels and an average of attention span that’s shorter than that of