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crowdfire app

CrowdFire: Manage Your Twitter Followers Better

Let me get this out to you straight. I don’t care who unfollows me on Twitter. I do care about those who follow though. As far as curiosity goes though, for a long time now, I’ve been looking for a way to know who unfollows

heap analytics app

Heap: Instant, Retroactive Website Analytics, Anyone?

Most analytics platforms give you just the numbers. In some cases, you also get real-time analytics and comparative trends over periods of time. All that is great if all you wanted was just numbers. Modern-day analytics has a lot more to give though. Analytics tools

Edgerank Checker

EdgeRank Checker: Facebook Marketing Made Better

Would a business, an individual blog, a non-profit, or a community page “dare” stay away from Facebook? Apparently not. According to Zephoria, there are over 1.59 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Like and share buttons are viewed on over 10 million websites daily. As

Getting Leads

Forget Getting Leads. Your LiveChat Can Do Better

There’s human inaction and there’s human interaction. From a strict business point of view, the former doesn’t make money while the latter is the key to successful marketing. Most websites can do better with some live action. When visitors come visiting, let there be a

Brand24 Review

Brand24: Monitor Your Social, Like a Pro

Between any two companies that offer more or less the same thing, it’s often customer support, of the fact that you (as a potential customer) know the company well enough, or when the company itself is pro-active (on social media or through any other means).