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9 Indispensible Mobile Apps For Business

Mobile apps changed everything. They are the staple of every smartphone today and webmasters along with business owners have all taken to it in a big way. Yet, there are many who haven’t. Or maybe they do but it already we thought we’ll scrutinize the

Author App

Author App: Digital Publishing Finally Looks Hot

Today, all brands are publishers. Individuals and businesses alike have already embraced the power of blogging and the exhaustive list of benefits information-based marketing has in an age when consumers have low patience levels and an average of attention span that’s shorter than that of

7 Awesome tools

7 Cool Business Tools You Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a cool, tool world out there today. I discover at least one new tool everyday I set out to browse. My “to review” list grows by the day and I can’t seem to get enough of writing about tools – old and new. So,


Rewst: Twitter Marketing Made Easy

If you are on Twitter, you’d be there to ensure that you grow your organic followers, make an impact with your influence, build your network, and have conversations (or you can build real relationships). It’s another thing that you also get branding impressions, mentions (getting

get on the cloud

Transform Your Business: Get On the Cloud

You should get on the cloud, like right now. As a small business, you have access to industry-standard tools and technologies that were available only to large companies with bankrolls that could reach the moon. Technology impacts your business, no matter how you choose to


Jaco: See Website Relays Live & Test Your Products

  The field of analytics is getting very interesting off late with the likes of Mouseflow and many other tools. These new breed of analytics tools allow you to see a lot more than just numbers and stats – mainly because just those numbers won’t

Social media for hiring

How To Use Social Media for Hiring Candidates

Social media is changing everything — the way people interact, how they communicate, and even how consumers buy. Businesses now depend on social media and so do consumers. While it might all look like a gigantic, chaotic, messy space — there’s method to that chaos.

zoho notebook

Zoho Notebook: The Beginning of Evernote Alternatives?

Frankly, nothing beats Evernote. There are no Evernote alternatives. Is that true? Granted that there are now many tools – including Google Notes and iOS Notes — that have as much functionality as Evernote does. There are tons of ways to organize your thoughts, notes,