Forms are everything on your website. They are the gateway for others to reach out to you. They are the only means for your customers to ask you pre-sale questions. For just a few web pages representing a business, forms are truly the window out (or in) for the world.

Your forms are a meaningful (and a powerful) bridge that you can use to connect with your customers. Of course, forms can be used in a wide variety of ways. From the humble contact form on your site to a host of other instances such as surveys, polls, recruiting, screening candidates, allowing others to respond to opportunities, field pre-sales questions, for customer support, and more.

Once upon a time, these forms rested in the domain of advanced HTML. Today, you are just a few tools, plugins, or clicks away from creating forms.

It’s as easy as it gets.

Since WordPress clearly takes the leads as one of the most popular CMS systems in the world (a whopping 26% of the Internet runs on WordPress), forms on WordPress are of particular interest to me (and to you).

WPForms helps you create forms on the fly and put them up on your site in lesser time that it’d take for you to read this post.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a Drag-and-Drop WordPress forms builder plugin, just like you have drag and drop website builders.

It’s no ordinary plugin. For one, it’s a paid plugin and so it comes loaded with features along with support from the plugin makers.

Your drag and drop form builder plugin helps you create all-purpose or very specific forms for your WordPress site without writing code. You also have a choice of pre-built templates to help you save time.

Build Marketing-ready WordPress Forms With WPForms

Every form you build will be mobile ready and responsive, and it also allows you to add smart conditional login, give you instant notifications, allow you to view all your leads or form entries to help streamline your workflow.

If you are included to accept payments through forms, you can also collect payments, donations or take online orders (Call it mini-commerce if you will?).

Now, here’s the best part: apart from all the regular forms, you can also quickly put up forms for any of the email marketing services you might already be using such as MailChimp. You specifically get add-ons for Get Response, Mailchimp, and Aweber. You can also boost user experience with multi-page forms and enable payments with Stripe and Paypal add-ons.

WPForms allows you to embed code for the forms so you can literally post the form anywhere on your WordPress site — say within a blog post, on a standalone page, or even on the sidebar by using a widget.

Needless to say, you get a secure environment for your forms with in-built spam protection by using captcha or honeypot services to help battle spam submissions.

Try WPForms now and build WordPress Forms easily.

How do you build your forms?