Wordpress Marketing Plugins

If you are reading this, you are mostly on WordPress. More than 25% of the web is powered by WordPress and I won’t be surprising if you are on WordPress too.

With WordPress, you can be up and running in minutes (unless you decide not to). You can fail with the platform.

Here’s proof: (Courtesy, WPEngine )


One of the best things about WordPress is the seamless way it helps you create a digital platform for your business — ready with a blog, social media sharing buttons, opt-in forms, and pretty much everything else.

Every major marketing automation platform, almost every web-based tools, and anything you’d use for your business (Including financing, accounting, Human Resources software, etc.) can be integrated with WordPress.

There are many options for you, and there are alternatives for WordPress in the form of DIY Website Builders.

Yet, WordPress is the best and here are some WordPress marketing plugins that can power up your marketing efforts for your business:

Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is still a major traffic sources. I used to be guilty of discounting SEO in favour of all the other channels such as PPC and email marketing. I realized the fallacy of thinking that way and I now believe that marketing should be comprehensive, without letting go any opportunities whatsoever. SEO is a great way to get traffic for your business (since there’s point in anything else you do without visitors getting to your website in the first place).

Of all the plugins, Yoast SEO plugin comes with a power-packed and fantastic features which make SEO just a matter of a few tweaks before you publish a post. I use Yoast Plugin for this blog, of course, and it comes heavily recommended too.

You can see live, real-time suggestions that Yoast SEO plugin hands out to you (while writing this post).

Yoast SEO plugin

Warfare Plugins

Social sharing is an inherent part of your marketing. Not a day would pass when you don’t share and engage on social media (if you are doing your marketing right, that is). But the trouble with most social sharing plugins is that other scripts like JavaScript and other code slows down your WordPress site considerably.

Enter Warfare Plugins — a beautiful and functional way to allow others to share your content over social media, without slowing down your site at all. Plus, you have tons of other features such as full customising options, Twitter Cards, Pinterest images, building custom tweets, shareable quotes, and more.

The plugin renders social buttons that are responsive, beautiful to look at, and light on code along with social proof.

With warfare, you also get:

  • Content protection (restrict others to put their own custom messages over your own)
  • Use share count retrieval, just in case
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Place buttons anywhere with just a short code
  • Display most popular posts based on social share counts.

That’s how good it gets with social sharing now with Warfare Plugins


It’s the popular one on the list, and it’s free to start with. SumoMe gives you all the essentials such as Social sharing buttons, email list builders, and plenty of other tools in a single suite.

The most popular ones are Welcome Mat (You see that when you first load this blog), list builder, Share, Smart Bar, Image Highlighter, heat maps, and more.

I use SumoMe for now. SumoMe might be free to start with but will take considerable investment per month if you choose the paid options. I can’t afford it right now so I keep the free version. I know I’d have to upgrade, but if I do, I’d probably choose Warfare plugins for social sharing buttons and MailChimp’s tools for email opt-in.

Viral Signups

Email Marketing has an ROI of 4300% and it’s the most effective marketing method you can ever employ.

WordPress is blessed with super plugins such as Viral Signups that automatically lets you launch a customer referral program without any hassles.

By using this plugin, every person who signs up is prompted to refer 5 other people as well in exchange for something you’d have to decide to giveaway.

Unbounce WordPress Plugin

You need a landing page for any kind of action you want your visitors to do — signup for a newsletter, enter into a contest/sweepstake, give you details, fill up forms, or whatever else you need them to do.

Typically, you’ll need multiple landing pages given that you’d be pitching a hundred different things in thousand different ways. If you hire developers for landing pages, the costs will soon get prohibitive. Even if you had the money, you’d never have enough time.

Also, you need a way to do A/B testing for your landing pages. Hand-coded landing pages can never give you this ability.

For that reason, Unbounce is a lifesaver for businesses, agencies, and marketers. Here are a few tips to use your Unbounce account better to milk it for all its worth

Use the WordPress plugin by Unbounce to connect with Unbounce where you can create as many pages as you’d like.

Do you know of any plugins I must have missed out on? Please let me know.