Are you a blogger? Entrpreneur? Outreach manager?

The average modern-day marketer sends out an average of 34 emails per day, according to a report from Radicati. Prospects, customers, influencers, customers — everyone is a recipient. Also, everyone sends email per day.

As they say, you just can’t underestimate the power of a good signature in your email. That first email you send out to absolutely anyone has the power to make a powerful first impression.

As Deborah Galea of MarketingProfs, email signatures have the power to increase brand awareness, encourages social interaction, allows you to put a striking Call to Action within your emails, and more.

Consider this: if you send out 30 emails per day, you’d be sending out at least 900 emails per month. That’s a whopping 10,800 emails sent in a year. This doesn’t even include the back and forth communications that are bound to occur.

For some reason, emails are the like the good old housewife we take for granted. She’s there, but you don’t think much of her.

You love her. You can’t do without her. Heck, your family is in still in one piece because of her. She takes care of the house. She is the jewel in the family.

Yet, she’s taken for granted.

You can’t underestimate how much of an impact you are making when you send out that email. Others open and read it and those “others” could be your boss, your boss’s boss, your colleagues, your clients, your vendors, the influencers you try to reach out, and the bloggers you contact to get your guest posts done.

It never ends.

Since it doesn’t end, you are better doing it right.

Let there be a signature, and you’d better allow it work for you.

WiseStamp has been around for a while and it’s the best chance you have to push out a professional email signature as fast as it takes for you to read an email.

I used it first when it came out but I never truly realized it’s power until some of my emails started triggering highly-engaged traffic to my websites.

As you can guess, I recently went pro to ensure that two if my Google Apps accounts always have a signature that shows my face, let’s recipients know who I am, and have a social button or two, and at least one Call to Action per signature.

This is how a much better version of an email signature looks like:

Wisestamp Email Signature

But you aren’t limited by design. Choose from a large variety of ways you can make it look: Wisestamp templates

As Eric Azizian of points out, an upgraded email signature has a tremendous impact when you do outreach programs, try to do cold email outreach for guest blogging or trying to get influencers to notice you.

WiseStamp also provides you with analytics, a WiseStamp One-page personal website building tool (WiseIntro), a tool help you get found online (WiseKick), and WiseSwag.

Want a professional looking signature? WiseStamp is what you need to wise up to.

Use WiseStamp? What do you think?