webengage journeys
The one thing that’s sorely missing on most websites today is engagement (I won’t be surprised if this blog also scores low, I must admit).

We are all now so used to the digital web that shaking hands, smiling, and saying hello seem archaic. The usual offline methods of “starting” engagement have no equivalent on websites.

Web Engage is a complete suite of website engagement applications that help you conduct surveys, generate leads, recognize and semi-automate the process of engaging visitors on your website and/or blog.

It’s a full-stack customer engagement suite that lets you automate marketing campaigns across Email, Push, SMS, In-App and On-site channels.

The suite of tools at Web Engage allow you to automate engagement across digital marketing channels too, such as In-app, email, mobile, and on your web properties.

While it was already an incredibly amazing value add for marketers and businesses, the folks at WebEngage have been terribly busy off late to dish out something big. Really big.

They introduced a drag-n-drop journey builder for you to design communication workflows across users’ lifecycle.That something is called as Journey Designer — a visual way to imagine your marketing workflows.

See the introduction here:

According to Avlesh, co-founder of WebEngage,

It lets you plan your engagement campaigns across multiple channels. These plans could range from designing a journey to automate renewals for your insurance buyers, to, automating re-activations for users who haven’t used your app since last 30 days, to, automate retrieval of dropped carts on your e-commerce store, to, rolling out an on-boarding plan for users of your SaaS app. You’ll see some of these use-cases as journeys in the later half of this post.

Mapping out journeys helps you make visual plans to bring back users who don’t seem to be using your mobile app as frequently as they should; help remind insurance buyers to renew policies; bridge the gap between “intent” and “purchase”; onboard users to your SaaS tools and web-based products, and much more.

Have you used WebEngage yet? Did you check out their recently overhauled offerings? See their new “Journeys” feature and signup with WebEngage for free.