Disclaimer: This was the first post we ever wrote for GroovyWebTools, and that’s been a long time ago. Ever since, WalkMe started off as a little Firefox Extension into a multi-pronged Swiss Army Knife on user engagement & user experience. As such, this post is now completely rewritten and published to reflect that.

Did you ever find that you needed to explain a process, in steps? Were you ever mesmerized by the beautiful way some financial trading portals showcase their demo, which goes something like:

Click this> do this>get coffee > do that> get off the computer> come back> smile because you just made a million?

You don’t have to spend millions or hire a legion of web developers to demonstrate tasks, processes, or even give a tour of your website (if that’s what you want to do). All you need is a crafty tool called WalkMe. It makes awesome demonstration, “Show Me How” animations on your site that start automatically when your page loads.

Think of this as FAQ on steroids for your product, service, blog, or magazine. Or should I say FAQ on bubbles? FAQ anywhere?

WalkMe: Set-up, Use, and The WalkMe Editor

Note: WalkMe Editor is an extension or add-on that you’ll have to load on your browser. Go to WalkMe, Signup and let it do its grind.

Once set-up, you’ll see WalkMe Icon on your browser panel. Once you set up your first “walk through” for your visitors, this is how it’ll look:

Walk Me review

Also, when you fire up your browser, you’ll see that the editor comes sliding at you from the left, as shown below You can slide it back in (or go to settings and disable the sliding option).

While familiarizing Yourself With the WalkMe Interface, I thought it’d be rocket science. It clearly wasn’t.

Create demos, process explanations, or “walking tours”

After you let the WalkMe editor slide out, login using your login address and password and you’ll see the WalkMe interface as shown below. T

hese guys practice what they preach so you’ll see them handholding you already. In fact, they do it so well that, for me, writing a detailed process on “how to create a Walk Through” for your site seems like stupid doodling.

How It Works

Today (as in not what it was several years ago), WalkMe is an enterprise class guidance and engagement platform. It’s main use is to “guide”, “explain”, “teach”, and “engage”. It boosts your conversion rates, enhances UX, reduces support costs, and improves employee productivity.

Say goodbye to call centres. Tip balloons and self-guided tours are the norm of the day.

WalkMe’s Context-intelligent platform can adjust to user roles and hence output actions, tasks, and keep it all device adjusted.

WalkMe started as a FireFox plugin and is now an entire suite of products and solutions (on the cloud).

Its utility now spans across industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Education, and Utility and also for every conceivable platform (including the likes of Oracle CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce)

How to Use WalkMe

Where and how exactly would you use WalkMe?

  • Use WalkMe to Increase revenue and user adoption
  • Enhance site Usability
  • Reduce costs
  • Spice up your customer care
  • Improve user experience
  • Add to your helpdesk assistance or scale it up
  • Make employee training fun

WalkMe has truly grown phenomenally over the past few years and it I am happy that I got to write about it then, and now.

How do you use WalkMe? I’d be curious to know.