Are you a designer struggling with your already heavy workload? Or maybe you are a super marketer with absolutely no tolerance to other graphic designers or vendors who could be taking forever to deliver simple vector designs that you need for your marketing assets such as landing pages, websites, and other kinds of web property.

You do have some excellent tools for designers and non-designers alike, but good things just keep coming.

Say hello to Vectr – a free graphics editor that you can use to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. A powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool to bring your ideas to reality.

Whether you need vector designs for an internal communications project, a website design mockup, a landing page design, or even for UI prototyping, Vectr gives you a great interface to help whip out vector designs on the fly, without any kind of experience (but it does help when you have some sort of experience).

Just out of Beta, Vectr is easy to learn and you can get started immediately without any learning curve. Loaded with tutorials, even a complete beginner can get started with vector designs before getting heavy duty with Adobe Illustrator.

If you are working in teams, or with clients, or with your own vendors, you can immediately send out working documents for real-time collaboration without waiting. In fact, others can watch you create and edit documents live (regardless of which version – desktop or app – you are working on).

Since these are vector images you are creating (and not raster images), you can always scale up your designs or scale them down without losing the crisp texture of your design. For the rest of us, what this really means is that you can create logos, icons, presentations, flash cards, brochures, website mockups, landing page mockups, and 2D graphics with just one tool.

Vectr is completely free for you to use with an open roadmap. You also have the option of using it online (web-based) or downloading the tool to your desktop or as an app.

Checkout the Vectr Tutorials if you are just getting started [].

Go ahead and create collages, logos, mockups, infographics, and more. Have you used Vectr yet? What do you think?