It’s easy to get loaded with so much technology sometimes that we miss the most important reason you are in business. If it wasn’t for your customers, there’d be no business. Not to mention that we also have to take care of a slew of things we need to do just to ensure survival for our business.

Often times, things get lost. Our focus can be distorted. Customer connect would then only seem nice to write on company agenda and a great trigger for useless meetings.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You’d need to get away from the need to fret and fuss over the technology platforms that you’d want to use to connect with your customers and “actually” take the effort to connect with them.

Usabili.Me helps you to do just that. It allows you as an entrepreneur, customer support leader, or even a UX/UI developer (who is keen to produce a design as customer centric as possible) to connect with end users, customers, stakeholders, or clients and get instant feedback out.

Instead of fussing over which collaboration tool to use or which online meeting tool to setup, connect with those who matter with just a link (reminds me of, but it’s too early to judge).

Altrnatively, you can also intercept your users directly on a website or from within a mobile app.

When you do connect, you can use video and screen sharing to make that connection count. While you are at it, you can also invite your stakeholders (or clients or team members or bosses) as observers – so that they stay in the loop and know exactly what’s going on.

With, you can also capture insights, recall conversations, and use a simple tagging system along with time-stamped noted to document everything that goes on within these virtual meetings.

Your recordings or sessions can have as much context as you’d need to have. Plus, your observers (or clients or senior management or team members) can also take notes simultaneously with the same in-context note-taking, recordings, and tags.

If you are on the reviewing end of the recording (as a client or as a team leader or as a UX/UI designer), you can get to the exact point of the recording where a note has been left earlier. is tool built by researchers for researchers. You can possibly use for UX/UI design feedback, Client feedback, for bouncing off findings from the user end of a mobile app, or for discussing website redesign.

You name it.
Check out and let me know what you think about it?