Going Inbox Zero has become as much a priority for thousands of Internet users, and it seems like it’s just as important as email itself is.

Executive teams spend an average of about 1.5 hours a day, and they send out an average of about 56 emails a day, according to a study by University of Glasgow and Moderuo Consulting (thanks to Drake Baer of Fast Company for this insight).

The Wall Street Journal puts it like this:

While email can sometimes be a quick and convenient way to gauge interest or disseminate information, it’s often not the best tool for the job, he said. About 20% of the time, we’re using email correctly—leveraging it to communicate across time zones or answer a well-defined question. But 80% of email traffic is “waste,” he said—stuff that’s useless or really requires a phone call or face-to-face discussion.

According to Atlassian, more than 304 business emails are received on an average and anaverage employee checks email about 36 times per hour. Another 16 minutes on average are spent refocusing after handling incoming email.

Guess what? You also lose IQ points (just like you’d lose IQ for every 30 minutes of television viewing time).

Spam alone costs $1250 in annual productivity costs and that doesn’t include another $1800 lost for unnecessary emails and about $4100 for poorly written email communications.

Please, do get to Inbox Zero.

Meanwhile, here’s what Unroll Me can do:

Unroll instantly lets you see a list of all your current subscriptions and lets you to unsubscribe from newsletters and updates easily, with a single click.

If you are no longer fishing for coupons, unroll lets you get rid of Groupon deals, Facebook updates, Twitter updates, and al those countless newsletters you’d have subscribed to over the years.

If you do have a few subscriptions that you still need to be a part of, you can combine them all into a beautiful digest called rollup – read what you want, when you want, and it arrives in your inbox when you choose to have it.

Sorting through, managing, and reading only what you like while getting rid of everything else has never been so much fun.

Have you used Unroll me yet? What do you think?