You know pop-ups are important. It’s another thing that it’s debatable whether or not they are effective. Marketers who use pop-ups well, however, are almost always rewarded.

OptinMonster, SumoMe, and a few other popular tools give you plenty of options for designing pop ups for you to maximize your chances of getting leads, newsletter signups, or regular lead signups from your website or blog.

Unbounce has been a popular choice (and it’s the best) when it comes to building landing pages on the fly, without depending on IT teams. In a spate of many new releases over the past few months including features like Lightboxes on Landing pages, an improved UX/UI layout, and a much faster engine for helping you to build landing pages even faster, Unbounce’s latest release is a very important one, from a marketing standpoint. released Embeddable CTA’s — much like pop-ups but linked to your Unbounce account where you’d have already setup a way to draw in leads to popular email autoresponder services such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. With the new Embeddable CTA feature, your pop-ups can show up on any website (or Unbounce landing pages themselves) and you now capture leads which can be linked to your existing marketing automation setup.

Here’s how a custom-made Unbounce Embeddable CTA looks like:


You have the option of using many existing templates, right off the bat. Or you can also build these pop ups from a blank canvas.

After you create your Unbounce Embeddable CTA, you can set it up to show on any website or landing page you might be using currently. You can also set them up to show on blog posts or highly trafficked pages of your website.

Have you used the new Unbounce Embeddable CTA yet?

Note: This feature is only available for Unbounce users, beta accesss.