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Twitter is a Fascinating Joyride. From news to updates; from networking to connecting with brands; from sharing to letting the world know how awesome you are, Twitter is awesome (if not addictive). As a business, however, just a joyride won’t do. You’d need ROI. You’d need to make your Twitter presence count. As such, here are a few tools that can help you out.


Keyhole is suave, sexy, and incredibly reesoureful if Twitter means anything for your business. Enter a hashtag, a keyword, or a URL and you have all sorts of data that pops up to tell you exactly what you want to know.

I entered as a URL and see what came up:

Keyhole Data

Some more data

Keyhole Data


Hashtracking is the perfect way to launch, monitor, and manage your Hashtag campaigns (if you don’t have one, start one). Put up a hashtag and you’ll be able to read the pulse. Just like that.

I tried it with #webtools as a hashtag and here’s a sample of what comes up.



On Twitter, every person you follow (apart from your mom, friends, and family) has something interesting about them. Or maybe it’s just business. Perhaps you learn a thing or two. Given that Twitter is crowded, it’s hard to “find” who you want though. If you are running a business, you also have this need to find that talented WordPress developer or maybe a blogger?

Search for anyone you want (and for whatever reason) using Filta. Did I mention that it’s free?

Warble Alerts

If you are active on Twitter, you’d certainly do well with regular alerts whenever your brand, name, or if your Twitter chat hashtag or any phrase that’s relevant to you is mentioned. If Google Alerts came to Twitter, it’d be Warble Alerts.

Warble alerts you with stuff that’s important for you. You can also automate the process and bring those all-too-important tweets to you. Discover new content, use the powerful Twitter search, and do competitive monitoring in style.


If Rand Fishkin of Moz says something, I am all up and listening. When he pointed out that Klear is an impressive social management software, I had to check it out.

Use Klear’s free tools to find social media influencers by location; Twitter users by skill; or analyse your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Fans, if you want to.

What Klear clearly (pun Intended) does is help you with Influencer management, allow you to go beyond profiles and understand people, and to help measure your Social ROI.



Social is visual. Social updates with visuals get you 150% more retweets. But what you probably didn’t know that while you could use Canva for almost everything, you could use Spruce to bring out Twitter specific visuals in minutes.

See the image above? It was created in seconds. Literally. Go try it out.

Co-Schedule’s Click to Tweet

Want more shares for your Twitter content? Check out Co-Schedule’s Click to Tweet and create beautiful, click worthy tweet boxes, right into your blog posts.

The premise is that if you want people to take action, you have to make it easy for them.

If you are using WordPress, the plugin almost automatically helps you make it easy for your visitors to share stuff.

Listen to Twitter

As humans, we get this thing called vibe. We meet someone, we get a vibe. We walk out on the streets, we can pretty much sense things.

On twitter, it’s not possible. You see? So, you use Listen to Twitter and get a feel for the moods, Emoji frequencies, and also a life stream of all tweets with your keyword in it.

Oh by the way, there’s this piano-like music that chimes in.

Hash Today

If it’s trending, it’s on Hash. Now, while most of what you’d see on Hash is going to be general news, there’s nothing stopping you from putting up a hashtag that your business relates to.

Say what?


While simplicity is hard to get at, sometimes plain can be boring. Imagine 305 million active users on Twitter logging in and seeing the same fonts, texts, and messages.

If you are a business looking to make some kind of impact (of if you suffer from an attention deficit disorder), you’d need Bedazzle — it does what the name suggests.

Introduce rich text into your Twitter updates with the Bedazzle Chrome extension . Or Faux Rich Text via Unicode. Go bold, try something.


HootSuite is a very popular social media management tool and you can use it for most social media networks (support for Pinterest and Tumblr is expected soon). There are tons of apps on HootSuite for you to integrate with.

If you have multiple brands, each with its own network, it makes sense to use services like HootSuite since the tool allows you to post, schedule, and manage updates across networks at the same time. Without ever logging in or out of any one network, you could handle it all from a single dashboard.

HootSuite makes it easy to stay on top of conversations and post/schedule updates (across networks). Hootsuite also supports image uploads, bulk scheduling, and has reporting built-in to gauge how you perform.


Content is the engine that pulls your business to profits. Your primary content assets will be your blog, reports, and other downloads. Apart from that, you might also want to reach out to people on Twitter.

FollowerWonk (owned by Moz) is the best tool to squeeze every pound off your Twitter presence.

FollowerWonk is the perfect tool for you to find anyone you are looking for with a Twitter account. That extends to vendors, partners, potential candidates for recruitment, bloggers, journalists, other business owners, and more.


What are sales without a bit of a discount thrown in? If you are in ecommerce, you could make your followers lifetime customers (assuming you are doing everything else right). But what if you don’t have many followers?

How about shooting at two birds with a bullet? The bullet here is TwitQpon and it so happens that the tool allows you to create coupons (covers most types such as percentage coupons, one-off coupons, etc.) while also increasing your follower count since it forces your prospects to “Tweet about it” to claim coupons.

TwitQpon is all about simplicity and effectiveness. Are you spinning in your head thinking about how to use it for selling more already?


Finding leads is critical for any sales oriented company. We are guessing that you’d like to get leads too. Instead of going out and looking for leads everyday, wouldn’t it be nice to have potential leads pop into an email, delivered hot and fresh?

Twilert allows you to do just that. Set up a Twilert, add as many search filters as you like, and get alerted via email (we recommend you set up another email address for this since it’d flood your inbox).

Nimble CRM

So, you are social as you can get and you’ve been doing all you can to maintain conversations, build your network, and manage your conversations across the network everyday. All that’s fine but is there a way to track some of these conversations that could potentially lead to a sale? If social selling is reality, then where is the accountability for that reality?

Nimble CRM steps in as a social CRM tracking conversations and relationships that turn into deals and customers respectively. Nimble CRM also works across social networks (and not just Twitter), but it also allows you to grab content information about followers, helps you keep in touch with them regularly, and a lot more.

Social means business. It might not look like it, but it does.

Do you like/use any tools for Twitter that we should know about? Let us know.

Which of these Twitter tools do you use, individually or for business?