For a lot of us marketers & businesses, the lack of absolutely any information on your visitors is a major stumbling block.

I mean, if you had a physical store, you’d at least be able to see who comes in and what they do. To some extent, you can achieve something similar with Google Analytics and Mouseflow. Yet, it’s not exactly the same as seeing someone walking in.

For B2B businesses, it’s also important to know which “companies” browse your website (and not just individuals).

Traffic Truffle helps you to identify and record business visitors specifically so that you have a ready database of potential warm leads to reach out to.

The more you optimize the process of identifying the right leads and setup processes to reach out to those leads to help convert to sales later, the better your chances are for sustaining or growing your business.

As Elliott King of Traffic Truffle writes:

“If typical Website Visitor-to-Sales Lead conversion rate is nudged from 1% to 2% that is a 100% increase in your inbound sales leads from your website!”

Traffic Truffle’s web based system monitors visitors to your site and automatically detects businesses associated with the individuals. All of this data is displayed in one place. Plus, you also receive notifications every time a new business is identified.

So, it’s like you get an email that says “XYZ Inc” just visited your website. You could then follow up with your contact — you also get contact information of the identified business (like job titles, email addresses, and some more info) so that you know who you are reaching out to.

It further helps if you know first-hand what your visitors were up to when they arrived on the site. So, you also get details such as what pages your visitors browsed, whether they are visiting for the first time or if they are a returning visitor, and how they arrived on the site.

Traffic Truffle also provides you with tools like “Truffle Bubble” which lets you create highly-customizable & tailored messages to appear when visitors meet specific criteria — such as scroll percentage, time spent on site, or specific pages visited. You can also prompt visitors for arranging a demo, scheduling a consulting call, or nudge them to visit specific high-value pages such as pricing pages or your store (for instance).

For pro accounts, Traffic Truffle also gives you a way to link your account with an email marketing automation platform so that you almost semi-automate this process.

You can get started for free with Traffic Truffle. Go check it out now and identify leads on your website.