Email marketing is huge. Social media and everything else you probably spend time on is really no competition to what strategic use of email marketing can do.

Email marketing is the only digital marketing channel that gives you direct access to precious space that’s still personal and sacred for your customers. Also, it’s the only marketing channel that’s really “permission-based” – your potential customers will give you open access, with permission, to reach out to them.

Go beat that.

Normally, busy entrepreneurs will just use tools like Drip, Mailchimp, and others.

Drip keeps it really simple with respect to “design” and it’s advanced when it comes to automation.

Mailchimp and others do alright with automation but are big on design (and it’s just drag and drop) for you to use.

Sometimes, however, you’d need more. Maybe you need complete control on how your HTML emails are designed.

That’s when Topol helps.

Topol is an easy-to-use email editor and helps you create beautiful, responsive emails. It’s completely free to use (and also has a pro version for some advanced features).

Topol also provides you with an online based editor that you can use right away (to see how the tool works). Start with one of their free templates, open the editor, and create your designs. Once you get inside the editor, it resembles one of the many other drag and drop builders you might be familiar with.

Topol editor

However, this editor is only for designing HTML emails. Nothing else.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a developer, or a marketer, Topol is the way to go when you want responsive, HTML emails that also look good on every email client.

Topol also has a pro version using which you can create, save, and organize your emails in one place. You also have the option of downloading emails and use them with absolutely any email service. Topol uses Google CDN to host images so this should take care of how fast images are downloaded on to your users’ email inboxes.

If and when you choose to go with the pro version, it’s at $5 monthly and with a free trial.

I see great potential for an easy-to-use HTML editor for HTML emails because if you are not using the email marketing big boys like Mailchimp and Drip, you’d have to depend on designers (now that’s something that I am not a big fan of).

Have you used Topol yet? Signup for free and see how it works for you.