We all want better deals. They love convenience. Obviously, no one likes to wade through rough commute for a couple of hours, struggle to find a parking spot, and then put in the hours for shopping.

It’s no wonder that ecommerce is huge today, and it only gets better.

The trouble with ecommerce — as with any other business – is management.

Unlike traditional businesses, however, online buyers hate to wait. They don’t like the web pages to load, they wouldn’t like it if your ecommerce website feels like a ghost town, and it’d not be nice if they were to be ignored when they reach out to you through a support ticket or through social media.

This year, global ecommerce sales are expected to reach US $1.92 Trillion, according to Statista.

It’s big, and there’s no doubt about it. You, however, will do with some help. Instead of looking for employees, maybe using some of these tools can help you manage your ecommerce business better.


ShipStation — the uber popular shipping software has been around for a while. It helps you integrate with all the major shopping channels to your account and ship out products using a carrier of your choice.

If you choose to use more than one carrier or service, ShipStation can also show you which one costs less. You can also create shipping labels (hundreds of them at a time), print packing slips, and manage your inventory from within your dashboard.

With the mobile app, you can manage your shipping stay on top of all the action, and track pages on the go.


If shipping is one thing, inventory management is something else. As a small business owner, you want as less hassle as possible while you run your business (since there’s a lot that’d come your way, when you don’t need it).

VeeQo helps ecommerce selling easier. It allows you to manage all your orders from a single dashboard.

Let’s say your products are up on your Shopify or BigCommerce store and you also list products on Amazon & Ebay — you now have a beautiful way to mange inventory, across all channels, with Veeqo.

Apart from managing orders, Veeqo also provides you with Point of Sale (POS), reporting, accounting Integration (with Xero), listing tools to help you list on marketplaces, and more.


Ever felt stretched as an ecommerce store owner? Do you often feel compelled to string together disparate systems just to keep your business going? Say hello to RetailOps — a tool that aims to help you run your business better by bringing everything you need to do with eCommerce into a single browser.

On first glance, it looks more appropriate for traditional retailers looking to have an omni-channel (including web & mobile) presence.


Directly pitting against ShipStation above, Ordoro is also a smart shipping and inventory management system. It helps you unify your inventory by keeping your inventory in sync, bundle products, restock inventory easily, and track inventory costs.

You can also manage your drop shipping operations, if you are into that sort of a thing.

While Ordoro is similar to ShipStation, it does provide you with a free Endicia account (saving you $15.95 per month for this one), along with about 68% savings on USPS costs.

Ordoro plays nice with Shopify, Big Commerce, FedEx, and UPS — now that, you do need.

Which of these tools do you use? Have any tools you can recommend?