Timelive dashboard

If you hire contractors, employees, vendors, freelancers, and consultants, you know how critical it is to track time and monitor activity for the benefit of your business. You have no idea who is doing what and that’s where super tools like HubStaff really excel.

Chances are, however, that you could be running your business traditionally and you might want all the bells and whistles that come with employee management such as time tracking, expenses, time& expense billing, and more. Perhaps you need a tool that helps you keep track of time offs, half-days, weekend overtime, leaves, and a full bucket of things you’d need to do to manage employees and vendors.

TimeLive from LiveTecs is a completely web-based tool that allows you to manage projects, employees, vendors, freelancers, consultants, and also manage approvals — all in a day’s job, from a single dashboard.

The TimeLive dashboard

The TimeLive dashboard houses all the important information you’d like to see from a holistic point of you. In the form of pie-charts, you get a hawk eye view of projects in progress, tasks by duration, tasks, open time sheet periods, task lists, task summaries, and even priorities on reported tasks.

Go Get some tasks done

Tasks are the most important modules any time management, time tracking, and project management tool can ever have, and TimeLive lists out all your tasks – complete with project codes, task types, name of the manager who assigned the task, who it’s been assigned to, due dates, status, and priority.

timelive tasks

Time and Expense sheets

If you are making money by the hour or if you’d just like to keep track of time, efficiency, systems, and the processes you worked hard to build, you’d want to nose through every hour that’s spent on your business.

Your team is better handled and managed when you know how every minute is spent. Also, you’d want to know where the money is going, wouldn’t you?

timelive expense sheets

TimeLive allows your entire team to login, setup and track their own time through dedicated time sheets assigned for every employee or freelancer. Pick project name, pick the relevant assigned tasks and enter the time. It’s all web-based and there’s no need to torture trees.

You can have your team track expenses and think about how you’d save tons of time and boost efficiency by keeping all kinds of expenses your sales team, accounting team, Human resources team, and almost everyone else incurs. This is also a sure shot way to know where the money is being spent

Time off and reporting

timelive timeoff

For every team member who logs in, the system tracks down leaves, vacations, time offs, holidays, and also tracks time spent for training and for anything else. This is a great way to bring in accountability and to make sure you manage your resources better.

You also have access to all kinds of reports and there’s a separate tab for you to manage approvals.

TimeLive: It’s not just about time tracking

TimeLive gives you a lot more than just a web-based software. In short, TimeLive helps you track time, expenses, billing, and projects. You can personalize the tool as it fits your business, generate project costing, manage off tie, and automate your approval processes. The web-based time tracking tool also has integration available with QuickBooks.

If you so wish, there are On-demand and on-premises versions available.

The best part was saved for the last. For teams up to 3 users and/or 3 projects, TimeLive Is completely free to use.

Signup for free and let me know how it goes for you.