Technology made the once popular “guy standing in the moving line of engines at an auto assembly plant” redundant. Robots came in and made it all the much better for the auto and auto ancillary parts industry globally.

That was a long time ago and we now see something similar happening with the cloud, the apps, and the rise of what we call “personal technology, applied for business”.

Thousands of tools have now surfaced, each claiming to do at least one-thing well. So, there are tools for landing pages, web engagement, live chat, customer support, and many tools for building websites.

Let’s just take the DIY website builders out there. Each of these tools like Weebly, SquareSpace, and Wix can not dethrone a web designer off his or her job. While you might still need an experts help for customization or for using your time for something more important, these DIY websites or WordPress can render an entire generation of website designers redundant.

It’s much less expensive

Today, it’s easier to run your business (at least from the “running and managing” standpoint) than it was several years ago. There’s help for entrepreneurs from the time they sit down to think and brainstorm all the way to incorporation, starting up, growing, managing, marketing, and more.

Most tools are affordable today (say thanks to the cloud), and it costs less than the fraction of the cost of a bad hire for your business.

There’s never been a better time to be in business than now.

Hire an app first?

According to Statista, as on March 2016, “business apps” was the second-most category on Apple app store, with a share more than 10% of more than 100 billion apps and counting.

That’s just apps. You also have SaaS tools that run completely on the web, there are dedicated tools to help you with every aspect of your business, and there are even complete marketing and financial suites to help you.

Maybe you should look for an app or a tool first before you look for people?

Remote work is here

If there isn’t a tool that can help, the combination of the right people with the right tools puts your business far ahead of the path (with some dust to eat for your competition).

As far as pure hiring is concerned, there are tons of tools like HireVue that help you with your recruiting process itself.

If you are clamoring to take the virtual company route, tools like HubStaff can do a lot for your business – in terms of hiring and managing your remote teams.

How is technology impacting your business? What kind of business tools, business apps, and SaaS applications do you use for your business?