We are past the tipping point when it comes to mobile usage.

Dave Chaffey of SmartInsights, refers to the 2017 mobile usage report from ComScore to show the percentage mobile share of total digital minutes (with Indonesia leading the party).


As the number of global users only continue to grow, most of the time spent on the Internet is spent using apps.

Building a mobile app for your business is a no –brainer, evidently.

According to the folks at Crew, it makes sense for your small business to build a mobile app if you have anything to do with location-based information, a need to dispense information in real-time (Stock updates is one use-case) and if your business needs a high-level engagement platform.

You don’t need developers or anything fancy to start building an app, thanks to some spectacular tools available today. For most purposes, these mobile app building tools are all that you need for your small business.

You’d only need app developers if you are looking to build an “app-only” product (for the purposes of building an app that serves a specific purpose and not just an app as an extension of your business).

So, how do you build an app for your business?

Stop looking for developers and pay money for building an app when you have Swiftic (called Como earlier).

Swiftic is a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to build an app for your brand or your business. Whether you want to build an app as an extension of your brand or a complete, e-commerce enabled apps, Swiftic has you covered.

Bring in the power of customer loyalty programs right through the app, enable push notifications, set up in-app e-commerce to allow for purchases while on the go, ramp up sales using in-app coupons, and also bring in exciting scratch cards (giveaways, contests, surprise prizes for your customers?).

You don’t have to stop there.

Setup entire product catalogs, connect with your social media feeds, make use of advanced analytics, get assistance to publish your app on both the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store.

If you need more help with customization, or with anything else, Swiftic also provides you with a “Hire a Pro” service.

With plans starting at just $41 per month, you won’t even get a graphic designer at that price point.

Looking to build an app? Try Swiftic today and build an app for your business