We do have some incredibly powerful tools when it comes to your social media management. You have Buffer for Business, HootSuite, and SocialOomph for managing your social accounts.

Meanwhile you also have tools like SumAll and Brand24 for doing much more with social such as analytics and brand monitoring.

The trouble with social media is that it takes a considerable amount of effort, oodles of time, and many years before your network begins to make any sense for your business.

Plus, given that you’d have to be on social all day long, it better be easy on the eyes. Right?

Overtime, social media management itself gets a wee bit trickier to manage for an average small business – given the number of social accounts and the “instant” way communication happens on social.

There ought to be something simpler to help you manage you social, especially if you are just starting out.

Here comes SoFlow – an all-in-one social app that gives you a single elegant stream that pulls in feeds from all of your social accounts, on a single dashboard. Not only is that convenient but it’s also a huge time savior that way.

SoFlow is also mobile-based and lets you stay on top of the top tweets, Facebook updates, Tumblr, and Instagram. As SoFlow puts it,

“You’ll never miss that game-changing tweet or a controversial blog post”

Update social in style (and without hassle)

SoFlow gives you a single, intuitive window to help you update content across your social channels. You don’t have to rewrite social updates for every channel now ( you do know that @ and # don’t always work the way they should on all channels, don’t you?).

You also have the option to tag your location in tweets, add images, show off videos, and I must say the Interface is truly eye-candy.

Search. Intelligent

If you ever did a search on Twitter, for instance, you do know how much of an effort it is just to wade through a morass of tweets just to find what you do.

You are a business owner, and I bet time is the only thing you don’t have much of. Plus, given that we are at least 12 years into mainstream Internet, we deserve something better.

SoFlow gives you just that. It pulls data from all of your social networks, designated RSS feeds, profiles, posts, and even SoundCloud tracks to a easy-to-navigate, elegant looking results page.

I kind of like what I see. If you’ve used HootSuite or Buffer, you’ll really appreciate what SoFlow can do for you.