A rather sexy name but SocialOomph does one hell of a job with your social media efforts. I have been using this tool for more than 4 years now and I picked up the paid subscription on and off (depending on what my clients want me to do). isn’t a glamorous tool; it doesn’t look like a million bucks. One look at and you’d think it would have been designed for the dinosaurs.

Yet, it’s functional. It’s efficient and it manages to do a lot, even for the free account. So what does it and why should you consider having an account?

Here goes:

Solving the Tweeting Too much problem

Most people either do not post tweets, post updates on Facebook, or share on LinkedIn as much as required. Either that or they go overboard with the “too much posting” syndrome. Social media activity has to be focused, justifiable, and “balanced”. Consider Twitter: You couldn’t be possibly spending all day Tweeting new posts, Retweeting, etc., can you? allows you to schedule and post both Tweets and Retweets in intervals that stretch well into the night, if you’d like.

Note: Try 1-hour intervals between original Tweets and 30 minute Intervals for Retweets and spread the intervals throughout the day – I found a lot of success doing this.

Have too many accounts? Get a life

Let’s assume that you’d need one hour per account per social media network. A social media management consultant like me would not only have my own accounts (one account per site I own), I’d also have multiple accounts (for multiple social media networks) that belong to my clients.

Since you and I are sane people and we do have lot of other tasks t be completed by the end of the day, spending one hour per account per site is virtually impossible. allows you to add multiple accounts for each social media network just like Bottlenose does.

Semi-automate your social media management

People will follow you everyday; do you think you have the time and patience to follow them all back? You don’t. Automate that. Ditto for un-following people who un-follow you.

Further, you’d certainly like to share your new blog posts, guest posts, and other great information relevant to your niche or expertise, why not add them to your “scheduled posts” queue and let post them automatically for you?

Watch the keyword digests and reports also provides you with a “Keyword digest” that floats into your inbox with details such as the keywords that people used on Twitter search to find you, notifications of new followers, etc. Within the dashboard, you’ll have a wide assortment of reports that show you the number of clicks off your links, etc., new followers over time, number of tweets, and much more.

Much of all this is still for free. The professional account allows you a lot more features such as adding multiple blogs, self-destructing messages, unlimited Twitter profiles, and and integrated management console to manage all your social accounts.

Get a free account, and see what SocialOomph can do for your business