You’d be forgiven to think that after Facebook came in, there’s no chance for another social network to ever survive on the Internet.

But you’d be wrong. While Facebook was on, you had the likes of SnapChat, Pinterest, and many other social networks grow.

You are also forgetting that there’s still the opportunity to build your own social networks for particular niches.

Like a social network only for doctors.
Or maybe a social network exclusive to a community.

Just like content niches can be drilled down and e-commerce product niches can be mined, social networks also present a great opportunity, if you are willing to put in the work and actually build one, that is.

Or not.

With a tool like SocialEngine, you might not have to take the long and arduous route that Facebook must have taken – all those years of burying heads in code. You could just purchase a ready-made solution to build social groups or social networks.

Things have changed today, and it appears to me that there must be a solution for everything you ever wanted to do with technology – using technology stacks, marketing stacks, and even infrastructure stacks.

SocialEngine allows you to build social networks starting with three template layouts and a custom layout (read: build anything you want with it).

You also have the option of hosting the entire Social CMS by yourself or you could just subscribe and let the folks at SocialEngine host it for you (available with fully-scalable hosting, API access, and tutorials).

Social engine is a 100% white label Social CMS or Social Cloud (or whatever you want to call it) and allows you a hassle-free, no headache solution to setup a social community for your business or actually treat a social community “as a business”

The SocialEngine Marketplace (for both the self-hosted or cloud options) also have modules, plugins, themes, design elements, and many other add-ons that you could try, depending on your needs.

While you might not always look to actually start something that tries to compete with Facebook or Pinterest, you can always build a strong community around your brand – and that, by itself, has a huge appeal (because money is in the community or in your email list, or both).
Are you considering building a social network, social community, or a niche network? Have you tried SocialEngine Out? Tell me about it.