Social Selling

We advocate a super cool, “give it all away” front when it comes to social media. We believe in engagement, conversations, solving problems, and establishing a brand’s credibility on social media. It’s all nice but when conversations with potential customers turn into active sales conversations which have the potential to close, how do you keep track of these multiple – but all too important – conversations?

Are CRM solutions equipped to route inbound leads from social media? Fortunately, CRM solutions are more than well equipped. In fact, many social lead generation tools and almost all social networks now understand the growing importance of social selling. For instance, here are a few web-based tools or plugins that connect with

Nimble CRM

If Paul Greenberg says so, it’s got to be special. Nimble CRM recently made it to Paul Greenberg’s Annual CRM Watchlist 2013 for a simple reason.

Nimble is, well, a “Nimble” tool – a Social CRM – which does one job exclusively: it helps you to dive into multiple conversations across your social media networks while being able to manage every single conversation that occurs. Social Selling with Nimble CRM is just a matter of time.

Plus, it helps you to create tasks related to each contact, store contact information on the cloud, record business deals as they happen, schedule posts to go live on social networks, and keep tab of all social media activity in one single place.

It integrates with HootSuite too, just in case you are a HootSuite aficionado. If you have to know how Nimble CRM scores over big boys like Salesforce and SugarCRM, know this: Nimble brings “social media” into your net as a business owner. It’s the tool that helps convert conversations into sales, sooner or later.

Rapportive By LinkedIn

“Do you know this person?” is an embarrassing question. It’s the question that LinkedIn asks you if you try to connect with someone you don’t know yet (if you are a free member on LinkedIn, that is). In case of other social media profiles, it’s outright old-fashioned to “search” and “connect”. That’s why Rapportive – the cool Gmail Plugin – is an amazing addition to your Gmail account.

One click on the recipient’s social data, which displays right next to the email you are reading, and you are done.


I did a review on Contactually earlier, but I didn’t know how contractually would really help. Today, after using it for a while I just know how contractually actually helps businesses. You see? The diamonds are in the follow-up.

Following up with people is often one of the most powerful elements in a sales process but it’s also one of the most easily forgotten. Guess what contractually does? It bugs you with emails asking you to follow-up with X or Y. That’s cool because I can’t possibly remember everyone I talk to and this tool does that for you.

A simple, “Hey Follow-up Victim, how are you doing?” is more than enough to strike a flame to an otherwise dead communication stream.


Are you a small business owner who depends on email to prospect? Do you use email for pitching? If you thought email was dead, you are wrong. The party just got started. Yesware is a brand new discovery (I’ll do a full-blown review next week).

For one, it allows you to create template emails that you can tweak, customize, and send out for prospecting, common responses, etc. It also allows you to know when these emails are opened and when recipients click on links. You’ll have a record of who replies and who doesn’t. It sits right into your Gmail account so it’s convenient indeed.

What are your favorite tools or plugins for Gmail for social selling? Blurt it out in the comments below.