Social media for hiring
Social media is changing everything — the way people interact, how they communicate, and even how consumers buy.

Businesses now depend on social media and so do consumers. While it might all look like a gigantic, chaotic, messy space — there’s method to that chaos.

Social recruiting is mainstream. Employers have access to tools today. Just how big is social recruiting, you ask? It now stands at about $140 billion in the U.S, according to Josh Bersin – a contributor for specializing in HR, talent management, and leadership. With 40 million people changing jobs in the U.S alone, you have much need for tools to manage your own hiring process.

I already wrote about some awesome tools like SmartRecruiter & HireVue and a big list of at least 15 tools you can use for recruitment.

Here’s more:

Tap into the power of “gamification” by posting your jobs on [] which scores candidates based on their social interactions, experience, and perceived skills. If you want social proof and testimonials to give mettle to your hiring decisions, post jobs on [].

If you need professional assessments to gauge employees, streamline your hiring using Smarterer or EmployInsight. Using TalentBin, use intelligence derived from their respective social graph. JobVite is another tool, which provides you with features such as applicant tracking, advertising management, and referral tools for organic expansion of your own recruiting efforts.

You may also consider using GotoMeeting, Taketheinterview, HireVue, and InterviewStream to actually conduct interviews.

Few social networks such as LinkedIn already offer you Talent management and recruiting solutions. LinkedIn for Recruiters is a must have tool along with building a “Career” page within your LinkedIn Company page.

LinkedIn Talent Pipe – for instance – gives you everything you need to manage end-to-end interactions with candidates, keep track of their social activity, and build “social” into your recruitment workflow.

Twitter encouraged the growth of Tweetmyjobs and Tweetajob to post and tweet job openings as they come.

Facebook’s BranchOut is a fair attempt to leverage the mass of people on Facebook for professional networking, recruiting, and hiring.

Social recruiting gives you more than just a database and a resume to find talent. It gives you a sophisticated and yet a streamlined approach to hiring talent.

How will you recruit next?