If you ever build a website, it must be built for a single reason: to generate leads. Beyond that, you could use your blog (tied in nicely with your website) to build traction, engagement, and get inbound traffic that’s relevant. All that traffic gets into the top of your funnel leading to more sales (in the future).

On average, only 3% of your website visitors ever leave their contact information, take some sort of action, signup for something you give away (such as a free guide, access to your resource page, or take you up on your free trial). You’d be better off if you do focus on other 97% of the traffic that visits your page and leaves.

While there are countless ways to ensure that you engage the other 97% of the traffic, you’d need something simple and it’s even better if it syncs with your Google Analytics Platform.

Snitcher is a lead generation platform to help turn your website into a lead generation monster that it should be in the first place.

Signing up with Snitcher is just a two click process where it requests for permission to your Google Analytics account, and once you choose which account (usually your primary website) Snitcher should link to, your setup is done.

Here’s the best part about Snitcher: It actually gathers the full company name, company details, the website URL of the company that visited your website, and the name (and possibly email address) of the person who visited your website.

In essence, you get the full lead information on whoever visited your website making it easy for you to save the company as such within the dashboard and follow up with them from then on.

See how the dashboard looks like:

Snitcher Dashboard

Note: Snitcher also captures any of the spam visits you get (possibly from the Russian Federation).

You can also segment your leads (such as potential leads, Hot leads, proposal sent, 1st follow up, 2nd follow up, Closed, Pitched, In discussion, etc.)

Reports from Snitcher

Snatching data right from your analytics, Snitcher also provides you with a beautiful report on your B2B traffic – complete with the number of companies that visited your website (given a specific time window), bounce rate, referrals, map (a geographic breakdown of your visitors), top countries, browsers, operating systems, and devices used.

Snitcher reports

Snitcher reports

Collaboration on Snitcher

If you work with a team, or if you work with a full-service digital marketing agency, you could even assign leads to a specific team member, add leads to a watch list, and even leave notes on the lead page within the dashboard so that your team can have enough context to help them follow up with leads.

Take a look at what Snitcher can do for your website, and do let me know if B2B lead generation takes on a different avatar for you.

Signup with Snitcher here, for free (30 day trial).