How often do you post on Twitter? The averages – according to Marketing Charts – count to 10 tweets per day. Some companies go up as far as 20 updates a day.

On an average, you’d be spending about 12 – 15 hours a week on social media alone. That’s a lot of time and that time has a price to it.

You’d better get something back from that time invested.

Now, that’s about 600 updates in a month. We aren’t even talking about the normal conversations and engagement-specific tweets that go out on the stream.

Sharing is good. But it doesn’t have to go unrewarded, and that’s exactly what intends to do. Would you like it if:

  • You can have a cool “Hello bar” kind of bar showing up on “any” page you might send your Twitter users to?
  • How about being able to super-customize this bar for your visitors?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to let your followers visit any page, take your lead, and read information but also know that you have something up for offer? works like except that tends to reward you for your social efforts. It allows you to crate custom header or footer bars with whatever you want to do – put a custom message on, give away something, build your mailing list, and more.

Of course, you can drive traffic and capture leads too.

The tools for conversion calls itself a “conversion engine”, and rightly so. It allows you to customize your calls to action, change buttons, add submission forms, and maybe just use text links.

You could position it the way you want to, use pre-made themes and designs, and change colors. You do have the option to remove’s logo.

Integrations For

No tool is worth it if it doesn’t play well with others. Since is a social media tool, it does integrate with HootSuite and Buffer App.

It also integrates with all social networks. If you are content curator, you’ll love the integration with and


Social media is teamwork (at least, it’s supposed to be). allows you to add team members so that you can work together to manage “snips”.

You can also approve updates and have multiple profiles or brands. As far as I see it, you’d just have to add Sniply to your social media workflow whether you are working one brand or if you work with multiple clients.


I am a marketer and I don’t work without analytics anywhere. Data is a part of my life and understands marketers. Analytics are built right into the tool to let you know your conversion rate, traffic sources, and even geographic data.

Every tweet has its own numbers now. How cool is that?

Read all about’s features here.

Signup for for Free. Let me know how works for you.

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