Jesse Mawhinney of HubSpot listed several stats related to social media but with a twist — these stats relate how important graphics and visuals are for your social media activity. The way those social networks are built, sharing and updating on social media is never complete without graphics.

Consider this, thanks to Jesse and Xerox:

— Color boosts readers’ attention spans and recall by a whopping 82%.
— Visuals can help gain your readership by 80%
— Visuals help retain memory and makes impressions that are 39% more memorable.

According to LifeLearn, More than 30% of our brain activity dwells on tasks related to processing visual information. Also, according to eye-tracking studies, web readers pay attention to graphics that relay information.

If you are on social media, chances are that you are trying to do exactly that.

For modern day publishing, visuals are everything. It helps improve communication, boost sales, and it also aids memory, learning, and education.

Apart from the many social media graphics tools I had listed out, there’s another one that should rightfully be added to that list (which I will).

Snappa is a quick and easy way to build graphics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even your blog posts.

It was several months ago that I had actually known about snappa and this post was long due.

Snappa helps you create graphics and visuals for the following:

Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Blogs and Infographics — Blog Images, Infographics, eBook Covers, Blog featured images, and more.

Headers & Ads for Social Accounts — including Facebook Ads (Carousel), Twitter Lead generation Cards, Twitter Website Cards, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Sponsored Ads.

Of course, you can also quickly whip up display ads for the web such as Large/small rectangles, leaderboards, billboards, and pushdowns.

The choices open up right in front of you when you login, and once you click on the type of graphic you want to create, you’d be able to see tons of templates you can start with. Some of those templates are for premium accounts, but you can do a lot with just the free account.

Snappa Templates

Note: Snappa is not configured to work with the Safari Browser. It certainly works with Chrome and I haven’t tested it beyond these two browsers.