Business owners, marketers, executives, and possibly all professionals need a way to explain, communicate, and teach. You might create documents for your team to follow up on, or you might want to create material to present your ideas better.

In a way, we are all used to taking screenshots off our computers to explain things. Some of us go as far as to do videos with voiceovers too.

It all works, of course.

SnagIt from TechSmith has always been a powerful solution – used for training, teaching, explaining, meetings, and presentations. It’s also used by individuals or businesses worldwide for a huge variety of uses.

SnagIt now comes in, new and improved.

While you still retain the power to use SnagIt the way you want – as you’d have been used to – the new SnagIt comes with new features you should know about:

Panoramic Capture from SnagIt

I build landing pages and websites for clients and I know what happens when I want to present the entire website home page, for instance. Because most web pages can only be accessed through scrolling, screen capture is limited to the display per scroll.

So, you take a screenshot for the hero section. Scroll down, and take another screenshot. When you are finally done, you’d have to find a way to piece these disparate screenshots together somehow.

That’s so not modern, is it. The Panoramic Capture feature that comes with the new SnagIt helps you capture tall, wide, or even infinitely scrolling screen content.

We just arrived into the future, eh?

Animated Gifs

Marketers and many businesses – especially business apps, SaaS tools, and many startups – love to put up a simple GIF image that works off a loop and tries to show how something simple is done.

– adding contact
– Add A Records to your Domain DNS

Think of business Animated Gifs as ultra-short business tutorials that are mostly silent. These animated Gifs bridge the gap between static images and videos. With SnagIt, you can make animated gifs straight off a video recording too.

More features on SnagIt

With the New SnagIt, you also have a way to connect with your viewers using your webcam Also, setup the custom toolbar your way, deploy effects, optimize your workflow, and make more happen with images, animated gifs, panoramic capture, screenshots, videos, and more.

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