Smooch AppJust like you shouldn’t be expecting customers to show up at your door just because you decided to be in business, you can’t be expecting customers to stick the lines of communication you’ve embraced.

If the customer is a queen, you’d need to pander to her (and not the other way around).

As Social, Mobile, Analytics, and the Cloud converge and as the number of touch points of a customers’ journey to buy gets more complex, there’s a tacit need to condense and focus for business communication.

You’d still have to reach out to customers where they are.

Although Smooch comes with a rather provocative name, it’s premise is simple: communicate with your customers where they are (and not where you want them to be). No matter who you are, don’t expect customers to join your Slack Channel or correspond with you over Salesforce. You just can’t.

Instead, use Smooch.

Connect with customers, like you should

Smooch promises a hassle-free, easy, and downright expansive platform for you to connect with your customers where they usually are.

Given the popularity of a few messaging platforms like Whatsapp, for instance, it’d make sense to reach out to Ms. Customer where she is most comfortable. You can also use SMS, mobile apps, and whatever it is that your customers use.

Take conversations everywhere

Plug messaging into your website and throw those doors open. Help connect your customers to you through your iOS and/or Android apps. All the conversations with each customer will sync in real-time, and across channels.

Further, you can start conversation on any popular messaging app, for instance, and take it elsewhere too – across apps, channels, and devices.

Smooch Multiplatform

Finally, Map that crazy journey

Consider this scenario: your customer first reads a blog post and absolutely loves it. She then follows you on social media.

Further, she connects and keeps track of every update you make. One fine day, the customer visits your website again and chats up with you using LiveChat.

She gets into your CRM system (since that’s how you designed it) and waits for a little while longer. Meanwhile you send her SMS, keep her interested through email, or even continue to engage with her on the website.

Finally, she buys one day. And then she continues to.

The question: how do you map this journey? Don’t ask: it’s complicated. As far as communication goes though, Smooch can help you with.

Manage all your conversations in one place, engage with your customers, and even transact if the situation presents itself. Provide a personalized service (with data from previous conversations and history metadata).

If you need to, scale up from Smooch – the nifty chat tool to a major CRM of your choice without losing anything in between.

It’s not just that humble message anymore

With Smooch, you don’t just send messages. You provide an engaging experience. Product images show up when you send links. When you quote a price, a “Pay Now” link pops up. If you send in a location or have anything to do with a location, a map goes live.

Smooch Messages

See if you can use Smooch for your business. Go ahead, Smooch it up.