Are you a small business going through the usual hiring blues? When more than 1.59 billion people are on Facebook and while 150+ million professionals spend time trying to find jobs, network with others, and create relationships that last a lifetime, why not use a recruiting tool that co-rides the power of social media?

70% of companies already use social media while hiring staff. Social media behavior of potential candidates is already a major factor when it comes to decision making for recruiters.

How Smart is Smart Recruiters?

Smart Recruiters plugs your business into social media and helps you recruit employees with an efficiency you might not have known before.

It’s a recruiting software (product) that’s eliminates the need for age old applicant tracking systems, attract top talent quickly, and also gives you a targeted microsite for your business.

It’s easy to use, crawls the web to extend your job posting, and allows you to stay in control of your hiring process.

It’s time your business has a “humming employee referral program” as they call it.

SmartRecruiter also plugs straight into LinkedIn, and it should. You can also manage outbound, direct employee sourcing, and also give you a way to manage passive (but potential) candidates with a unique combination of LinkedIn, CRM, and Core ATS features.

Collaboration is Built-In

It’s not just about the front-end that Smart Recruiter excels at. You also have multiple features to bring in collaboration.

Get your team to work with SmartRecruiter’s TA platform — a “natural collaborative hiring experience for hiring managers and recruiters, anytime and anywhere”.

You can manage and track all communication within your team.

Much like a super custom Twitter feed built on for your team, HireLoop is a personalized talent feed that alerts people concerned on ratings, send/receive private notes, mention colleagues, setup email alerts, and there’s a native mobile app to go with it.

As a business, your hiring process can quickly get out of control. With Smart Recruiters, you can consolidate all candidate information in one place (including all email messages and also linkedIn InMail Messgaes).

Interview Management, at Scale

Setup interview schedules with an intuitive system that’s completely integrated with your existing email and calendar system (also includes Google Calendar).

The system also allows you to check on your team members for availability, add/manage job specific criteria, and allow you to conduct structured evaluations for data-driven hiring decisions.

Within the system, you also have a play to plug your testing, assessments, screening, and evaluation processes.

You get access to a system that lets you put up skill tests, references, background checks, and more. You can also assign tests on-demand to assess employees at various stages of hiring (or even after hiring).

Generation next is on Social Media: Where are you looking for talent?

Newspaper ads have no way to show you how effective your ads are. Job portals do allow you dig into a database of potential hires, but they allow you no more insight into job applicants except for what’s written on their resume.

Social media, on the other hand, let’s you peek into a vast sea of details about your prospective job applicants. So how you do leverage that power of social media?

Smart Recruiters pulls you straight into the next generation of hiring using social media.

Allow yourself the liberty of “One Click” job posting across the paid, free, and even niche job postings spread out to chosen social media channels such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

Post Jobs and then crunch numbers

Reviewing applicants is now a breeze with the “ core applicant tracking” feature available with Smart Recruiters.

Collaborate with your HR team, other colleagues, and management easily.

Generate detailed reports that will give you insights on applicant responses, effectiveness of respective social media channels, and even pay attention to detail such as cost per hire.

Let there be fairness

Why should you let your HR managers have the last say? Why not make recruiting a more democratic process where everyone in your company has a say in hiring?

It’s now possible to do that with the cool collaborative recruiting software module that’s a part of Smart Recruiters.

After applicants send in their details, you could collaborate, rate, and review each applicant and let the hiring team along with your colleagues and the rest of the management.

Have you used Smart Recruiters for your business yet? Let me know your thoughts about it.