Productivity makes money and the lack of proper time management almost kills – less money, unpaid bills, and a cartload of guilt. Every freelancer, consultant, business owner, and executive knows the value of being productive. Yet, most people are forever distracted. Almost always, there are other things that distract.

Every wasted minute bores down heavy, adds to the guilt, and rips your income or profits apart.

Thanks to technology, plenty of web apps for productivity, and tools to help you stay productive, we don’t have a problem of lack of tools. The Lack of will, however, is still an international malaise.

One look at the Apple App store or even the Android store and there’s no dearth of great productivity apps. Some are free and some are paid. The app stores are bursting at seams with hundreds of apps that are worthy of a mention. – a free app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) – is the one I recently started using and I swear my productivity has already gone up several notches, the last few days.

The looks, simplicity, and effectiveness of iPhone App

I love simplicity combined with looks and functionality. reeks of simplicity, cool features, exemplary design, and the darned thing just works. No frills, no extra, unwanted features, not an ounce of fat. It’s lean, mean, and simply effective.

Tasks and calendar

Today, tomorrow, this week, and later – the four areas spread across for you to throw your tasks into. Tilt your iPhone and you’ll see a neat little calendar where you can push today’s tasks for tomorrow (if you have to). Touch any task already uploaded and you can drag it around.

Hold and pull down with your thumb under “Today”, for instance, and you have the option of typing out (or speaking to your iPhone) to add new tasks.

Swipe and shake with

How easy can it get? Once you have your tasks showing up for “today”, you set about working on each of your tasks. Once you are done, one swipe across the task and it strikes itself off while fading into the background.

If you’d like your “Completed” tasks to clear, just shake your iPhone and those completed tasks just vanish into a default folder called “Done.

Set priorities and create new folders

Let’s say you have 2-3 tasks are high priority on a Monday. You’d obviously like to know that they ARE high priority when you view your tasks list.

One tap on any task, and another tap on a little “priority icon” and the task turns into red. If you’d like to assign tasks into neat folders you may drag them into “Personal”, “Work”, or create a “new” folder.

Set reminders, share, Add notes, and set reminders

Do you have tasks you’d like to share with friends or with someone on Facebook and Twitter? has that covered.

Tap on any task and then tap on “Share” to share it with your friends on your iPhone contact list, Facebook, or Twitter. Needlessly to say, you also have options to set reminders for tasks, and add any notes you might want to.

It’s a free app ( and it’s got a premium version too) but it does so much that I don’t even want to bother with any of those paid ones. The web version of the app is still under development (last time I heard).

Have you used the app? What do you have to say about it?