Designers are a harried bunch.

Between the actual design work and all the way up to clients from hell, they have a lot to deal with. That alone makes the case for an easier workflow for designers, right?

Look at it this way: I am not even a designer. However, when I want to go look for an appropriate image, I found that I take as much time to find an image from one of the many royalty-free stock photo sites (Unsplash doesn’t always have what I need).

That’s just images. Don’t even get me started on fonts, icons, vector images, and other things I need for great visuals.

We do have lots of tools, even for non-designers, to help build great visuals but where are those little individual elements?

SlashPixels gets that. So, out it comes with Smart Artificial Intelligence for image search ( among other features) that promises to make a designer’s life easier, better, and more efficient.

SlashPixels is an image search Engine and Aggregator that dips its beak into many already popular platforms for designers such as Behance, Pinterest, Cargo, Pttrns, Awwwards, and more.

One seach on its platform and you get everything you are likely to be looking for categorized into “popular”, “Today”, and even platform categories such as “Dribble & Behance”.

SlashPixels Deep learning “Algorythms”

SlashPixels makes use of its own algorithm (they call it Algorthym) – and a deep learning algorithm at that – to find exactly what you are looking for as a designer. Now, obviously, you know what you’d type in. Like this search below:

Slashpixels review

You can also search for specific shots by specific image.

Want freebies, People?

Who doesn’t like freebies, right? Now, fortunately, there are tons of sources to find design related freebies such as icons and charts. But it’s a nightmare to wade through the jungle and find the apple. Instead, you can use SlashPixels to narrow down your search for freebies – free PSD files, free vector icons, and free anything – by using the file type search (.psd, .otf, and .ai, and so on).

You can now directly source all available free file types across top design sources on the Internet.

Get Them To Your Inbox & Bucket it up

If you are so inclined, you can make it easier on yourself by subscribing to what you want and receive new files, images, and design elements straight to your box.

Whether or not you choose that feature, you can also start curating and collecting everything you ever searched for, downloaded, or liked into “buckets”. The buckets will look a little like Pinterest boards (and so you won’t complain).

Sync, and Sync some more


Finally, download the elements you need to get your work done or for your projects and sync your collection across your choice of platforms such as DropBox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. While we are on the topic of file sharing, see what JumpShare can do for designers (not relevant to the post, but relevant to designers, okay?)

SlashPixels is available on “Pre-signup” right now. If you are a designer, go ahead and check it out.