E-commerce is big, and there’s no denying that. According to BigCommerce, more than 51% Americans (and we aren’t even touching the whole world yet) love to shop online while 89% of Americans already made a purchase online once.

Now, take the whole world into consideration and the numbers are bewildering. More than 53% of global Internet users have made a purchase online in 2016 (and that amounts to 1 billion).

E-commerce is big alright but it can be perplexing for someone who’s just getting started or when you aren’t tech savvy. Matt of DropaShip clearly outlines different approaches that you could take to build your e-commerce business (relevant to dropshipping specifically and not all of e-commerce) — as you can see, there are more than one ways to do this e-commerce thing.

The good news is that you really don’t need a developer anymore for building an e-commerce store. I mean, those days are so gone. Today, some of the most beautiful and high-converting websites are either on WordPress or were built by a DIY website builder.

Most designers & developers screw up the marketing results.

Shoplo is a new way to help you build your e-commerce store but it’s not just any e-commerce store builder. What Shoplo easily does that most others like Volusion and others struggle with is enabling a hosted e-commerce platform that’s multichannel from the word go.

By building a store on Shoplo, you can also simultaneously open up channels — say Amazon, Etsy, and many others — to sell your products. You’ll be able to manage stocks, inventory, and track sales from a single dashboard.

If you wanted to something similar with any other e-commerce solution out there, you still could. But that would mean additional integrations or use specific apps that you’d need to pay for.

Shoplo works much like Shopify where you’ll create an account, select a theme, and launch it. If you have to change themes, you can easily do so. Shoplo also integrates with major payment providers and given the range of payment providers there, it looks like Shoplo is already aiming at a Global market (unlike others who almost always focus on United States).

Check out Shoplo. Tell me what you think about it.