Shopify Apps

Paul Graham of YCombinator has this to say about ecommerce,

“Overall,the web is pretty sloppy, but an ecommerce store can’t afford to be”

Lucky for us, tools like Shopify “don’t allow” you to be sloppy. Shopify is a mega ecommerce platform, and it’s one of the best things that ever happened to ecommerce.

Today, it’s just a matter of signing up with Shopify, for instance, and get that store up and running within a day.

That’s a long shot away from being profitable with ecommerce though. You ecommerce store has a lot to carry on its shoulders. It has to draw people in and then grab their attention. Your store then has to do the convincing (with good copy), and invoke enough trust.

Assuming you are on Shopify, or if you’d like to be, here are some outstanding apps that change the way your ecommerce store makes the cash register sing.

Exit Intent Popup

Consider this:

Tony Haile wrote a riveting piece on Time Magazine, and he has this to show after analyzing over 2 billion pageviews:

You have less than 15 seconds to hook a reader in.
A stunning 55% of visitors spent less than 5 seconds on a page.

Since most websites won’t cut it, your visitors are bound to leave. In fact, Alex Bashinski writes about at least 16 reasons why your website visitors leave.

So, what do you do? Say hi to exit intent popups.

Stuart McKeown of Gleam swears by Exit intent popups because it tries to neautralize the disastrous “website nonchalancy” visitors have today. Steve adds that exit intent popups can be used to:

  • Decrease overall shopping cart abandonment
  • Notify users about special sale offers
  • Increase opt-ins, or push for social shares.
  • Notify visitors about special contests
  • Push out member-only promotions
  • Display newsletter signup prompts
  • Promote events
  • Do pre-launch opt-in drives

and of course, you can find tons of uses for exit intent popup. It’s built to hustle for your store.

If you are looking for an even better standalone alternative, consider using WebEngage if you are looking for a non-shopify app.

Auto Currency Shifter

WPEngine is a major Managed WordPress Hosting company and they are really big on GeoIP. The folks are WPEngine swear by the need for websites (and ecommerce stores) to display content, assets, and currencies customzied to the users location, language spoken, and more.

Your Shopify store can do very well with currency that shifts to reflect local currency of your potential customers, and the Auto Currency Switcher app allows you to accomplish just that with over 150 currencies for you to display.

Enough said.

Better Coupon Box

Coupons really spice up offers on your eCommerce store and there isn’t a single customer who’d say no to offers made at the right time. Plus, nothing draws in a customer as well as a well-targeted, timely, and relevant offer made with a coupon.

Better Coupon Box is built for your Shopify Store, and it does just that.

Loyalty Programs by Sweet Tooth

We all love loyalty programs — they look like they’ve been built for you, they make you feel exclusive, and they help customers feel that they’ve arrived (or that they belong). According to McKinsey, three-quarters of all American households are enrolled in at least one loyalty program.

Plus, this:

“Companies with loyalty programs posted a 2.28 percent comp sales increase, while those without loyalty programs saw 4.26 percent gains.”

Now, get that power of Loyalty programs to your Shopify Store with the Loyalty Programs App by Sweet Tooth.

Retarget App

The real secret to making your promotions, PPC campaigns, and the entire digital marketing engine is the power of Retargeting. It’s relatively cheap, effective, and on target. In fact, I believe that there’s a campaign for every visitor who arrived at your page and left.

While you can always run your retargeting campaigns regardless of the platform you use, Shopify makes it easy for you to do retargeting for your store (down to the product level) with the Retargeting app.


It’d be really nice to make your customers your evangelists, wouldn’t it? Imagine thousands of customers talking to another thousand or more. It’s marketing done for you. Word of Mouth on steroids. Coopt is an awesome ecommerce app that lets your customers turn into social media evangelists (because that’s where they hang out the most, don’t they?).

Coopt’s Shopify app helps you grow your ecommerce business on Shopify without the hassle of having to signup for your affiliate program.

The way it works is that your customers share your store on Facebook (for instance) in exchange for instant rewards that they can redeem.

What are your favourite Shopify Apps? Can you recommend a few more so we can keep this post updated as an on-going resource?