Do you like deals? Would you like to save money?

Of course, you do.

Who doesn’t like that, right?

Mac users already end up spending a lot – for the laptops themselves, for the accessories and then moving on to apps. Depending on your use case, you could have free apps or paid apps or both on your mac.

But if you were like everyone else, you’d have to dig through the app store, read reviews, figure out the best apps for your needs, pay in cash, and download the apps.

All that is good, but only until something better comes along.

Setapp is an awesome find.

Jackie of MacWorld calls it the “Netflix of apps”.

According to Jackie,

“After downloading Setapp, the package of 61 apps (to date) is immediately available from the Finder Sidebar and a pulldown menu on the Mac’s main menu bar. Preferences let you place the Setapp folder in the dock, where clicking on it reveals all the teaser apps inside—icons in the folder represent the apps available for download.

Setapp provides you with a way to seek and purchase new apps on your app store without you having to be charged for every app. Plus, you always have the latest version of your app (automatically upgraded and kept in sync).

Because Setapp is “software distilled”, you just launch your apps and do your thing. You won’t suffer ads, prompt for in-app purchases, and no distractions.

I am not sure you got the gist of Setapp already, so it’s worth repeating: you have all the pro apps on the mac app store readily available for you to download for a single fee of about $9.99 per month.

Every time you have your heart set out on an app you want to try, well, you just try then. You can try any app you like (even pro apps) for a month, and then cancel if you don’t want to use them.

In any case, you only pay each month for Setapp – and not for the apps individually.

Plus, you also get to know about apps you might never have heard about, and you never know what kind of an app you’d have access to that can probably even give you a competitive edge (or maybe just make your life better).