Do you have a service business? Are you already suffering the technician’s burnout with your service offerings? If you run service businesses like IT & computer repairs, healthcare, aged care, pet care, gardening, landscaping, Automobile services, Consulting, home removals, or possibly any kind of service, the chances are that you are already struggling to bridge the gap between your own customers and your services.

Plus, as with everything else in business, it’s never going to get any easier once you are on the entrepreneurial path.

Riyo offers end-to-end solutions for a hue variety of services. The web-based solution intends to put your services on an “infrastructure” so that you never have to worry about anything technology. Unlike providing just a website or maybe a standalone payment gateway (with nothing else in between), Riyo wants to give you an end-to-end infrastructure to put your business on, and run it that way.

As the folks from Riyo put it:

Our world class, highly-scalable white-label BDP platform is perfect for service based businesses looking to take bookings, deliver services and collect payments in the ways modern customers have come to expect.

With our easy drag and drop configuration, you and your team can respond to scheduled or on-demand bookings, create new schedules, dispatch workers, monitor and record transactions and process customer payments – all on one simple, unified platform.

Usually, when you have a business that depends on customers to schedule appointments, book sessions, or meet you in person, many things can slip through the cracks. You’d never even know when that happens.

Plus, customers would have to find a way to reach you according to your availability (and around holidays). So much that they can almost never choose a time (for instance) that’s suitable for them.

Those lengthy forms (death to form love, anyone) and phone numbers are a very real barrier between your business and your customers.

Riyo intends to change all that by offering your business a way to offer real-time bookings, in-app messaging, and transparency. You can let your customers choose the exact time that’s convenient for them and allow you to worry about the resources you’d need to deliver to your customers.

With pro-active schedule management, a booking engine on the front-end, an infrastructure to back your demand for dispatching services (along with resource management and real-time updates), and a secure payment gateway loaded with a feedback mechanism, Riyo might just be worth considering.

Have you checked it out yet?