Twitter Marketing Tools

If you are on Twitter, you’d be there to ensure that you grow your organic followers, make an impact with your influence, build your network, and have conversations (or you can build real relationships).

It’s another thing that you also get branding impressions, mentions (getting noticed?), and probably even be able to sell sometimes (although you shouldn’t be doing this thinking that Twitter is an actual marketplace, because it’s not.

Whatever your goals are, while you are on Twitter, the more followers you have, the better you can squeeze out what you need off it.

Note: growing followers by paying for chunks of followers (like $10 for 1000 followers) is a bad idea, and I don’t need to explain that.

It’s alright, however, if you decide to use Twitter advertising to grow your followers. In this case, Twitter users see your Twitter handle and decide to follow you — or not.

It helps if you have tools that can help you manage your Twitter engagement. Apart from the big ones like HootSuite and Buffer, you have many other tools to help you manage your Twitter presence better.

Now, it’s time for a new kid on the block: Rewst.

Rewst is a Twitter marketing tool and it gives you a complete suite of tools and strategy you’d need to grow an engaged and active audience on Twitter.

You get your own dashboard as you see your Twitter following grow and you immediately get to see your most recent follow backs (along with the stats).

What’s unique about Rewst is the “Copy Follower” feature which makes it easy for you to find users who are most likely to be interested in your content. These active users are positioned to you such that you can follow them as efficiently as possible while staying within Twitter’s guidelines.

The “Copy Follower” feature is set to help boost your Twitter following by leaps and bounds.

Of course, many of those you follow won’t follow back. Also, many users might not engage as much with your content and updates as much as they should. You can actively and easily unfollow them so that you can make room for those who actually find you interesting and those that want to follow you.

As Rewst puts it, it’s cheaper than Twitter advertising but far more effective to get you the results you need.

Do you use any Twitter marketing tools? Have you check out Rewster yet?