Companies don’t run without people. Whether it’s one or many, there are great teams behind every success story. Having said that, social recruiting is mainstream. Employers have access to innumerable tools today.

Just how big is social recruiting, you ask?

It now stands at about $140 billion in the U.S, according to Josh Bersin – a contributor for specializing in HR, talent management, and leadership.

With 40 million people changing jobs in the U.S alone, you have much need for recruiting tools to manage your own hiring process.

Here are some amazing recruiting tools you should be looking at, if you have anything to do with hiring:


Gamification isn’t just good for mobile apps, marketing,education and god only knows where else. You can also tap into the power of “gamification” by posting your jobs on Identified which scores candidates based on their social interactions, experience, and perceived skills.


Are you looking to build a remote team? Do you want to go completely virtual? Is it easy enough to seek, hire, and manage virtual teams?

With HubStaff, it certainly is. HubStaff is the only tool (Outside of the closed ecosystem of Upwork and PeoplePerHour) that allows you to track time and take random screenshots of work done by your team.

Of course, you can keep track of tasks, projects, and team members too.

Along with all that, HubStaff also allows you to pay your remote teams, and much more.

Get a Free Trial with HubStaff and see what it can do for your virtual business.

PluralSight (previously Smarterer)

Smarterer was acquired by PluralSight in 2014. If you need professional assessments to gauge employees, streamline your hiring using PluralSight.

With PluralSight’s existing inventory of more than 4500+ courses, available online, and on any device, PluralSight gives you the best of skills training with Skills assessments.


Jobs are jobs, but when the right people do it, jobs become careers. The key to finding the right people then is to hire with insight. Blind hiring leads to dumb teams.

EmployInsight provides you with the tools to identify character strengths needed for a job, identify the right candidates for jobs, increase their engagement, and decrease turnover.

With EmployInsight, you get applicant screening, job matching, job profiling, strength profiling for candidates, etc.


Social is where everyone is and it’d make sense to plug into the power of social while recruiting. This part, right here, is truly going beyond the humble resume.

TalentBin is the “talent” search engine for the entire web.

Instead of putting the focus on active candidates looking for a job, TalentBin helps you look for passive candidates and help you reach out to them where they are active (based on their skills, interests, and actions).

As a recruiter, you can now source like a pro Using TalentBin’s intelligence derived from their respective social graph. Identify the right candidates, do outreach, and build your talent pipeline.


JobVite provides you with features such as applicant tracking, advertising management, and referral tools for organic expansion of your own recruiting efforts. That’s just the start.

With Jobvite, you can launch well-managed employee referral programs, deploy a recruitment CRM system, and conduct video interviews. As brands, you can build a full-fledged, standalone brand-site or portal to help recruit the best talent.


We all know GoToMeeting, and it’s the tool that small, medium and large enterprises use to get some virtual meetings done and work efficiently.

It’s awesome that way, but did you know that you can also use GoToMeeting for interviews?

If you believe in streamlining your recruitment processes, or if you are a business that looks to hire vendors, freelancers, and even remote full-time staff, conduct your interviews on GoToMeeting.


Videos are big, but they aren’t big just because they make for great marketing material or as a tool to narrate awesome stories.

Videos can be just as effective when it comes to taking interviews. It so happens that doing video interviews is the next best thing to doing real interviews.

The suite of products from TakeTheInterview help you

  • Drive better decisions
  • Review candidates in real time
  • Rewind real-time conversations, just so that you don’t miss a thing. (Since nobody’s memory is perfect, and you’d never have to miss another nugget of critical information using DVR for Live Video Conversations).
  • Collaborate with your team, Human resources managers, and other stakeholders
  • Consolidate Candidate Information
  • Schedule Interviews smarter
  • Improve candidate assessments

See what TakeTheInterview can do for your business


Hirevue is the Go-to software to help create and coach amazing teams.

Operating across 177 countries, HireVue helps with team acceleration, training, and to create digital interviews with your screening methods.

You can setup digital challenges, collect video responses, deploy HireVue Insights — their patented predictive analytics technology to allocate percentage scores to the above mentioned responses.

That’s the best way to compare candidates better.

Here’s a video that explains what HireVue is all about


InterviewStream, much like TakeTheInterview, helps you hire great talent and is the perfect tool for agencies and companies that spend time with recruitment day-in, and day-out.

InterviewStream provides products for both colleges and universities(to help candidates) and tools for recruitment agencies/companies to help organizations hire better.

For businesses and agencies, you can launch video interviews, screen more candidates in less time, and view pre-recorded interviews.

Mandatory mention: Social media for hiring

You could choose to put up a job in any job board available out there. But your recruitment process is a lonely one, and mainly shots in the dark. What if you could have access to some social proof on very candidate?

Use social proof and testimonials to give mettle to your hiring decisions, post jobs on social media networks.

Few social networks such as LinkedIn already offer you Talent management and recruiting solutions. LinkedIn for Recruiters is a must have tool along with building a “Career” page within your LinkedIn Company page.
LinkedIn Talent Pipe gives you everything you need to manage end-to-end interactions with candidates, keep track of their social activity, and build “social” into your recruitment workflow.

Twitter encouraged the growth of Tweetmyjobs and Tweetajob to post and tweet job openings as they come.

While you are on the subject on Twitter, here are another 15 Fantastic Twitter Tools for your Business.

Facebook’s BranchOut is a fair attempt to leverage the mass of people on Facebook for professional networking, recruiting, and hiring.

Social recruiting gives you more than just a database and a resume to find talent. It gives you a sophisticated and yet a streamlined approach to hiring talent.

How will you recruit next?