Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, or a publisher doing all you can to try to get traffic and build your email list? It so happens that you’d be putting in hours — if not days — to crank all that content out and to make that content marketing for work you.

Content marketing (and that includes blogging, publishing on LinkedIn, and publishing on Medium) is 20% writing and 80% promotion. A lot depends on how well you write, the audience you’ll build for your content, how you capture your audience into a funnel (I didn’t want to call it that, but I’ll, for lack of a better word).

Building your list successfully can make you platform agnostic. Once you have a captive audience in the form of an email list, you’d never have to depend on Google, LinkedIn, Medium, or any other platform you’ve come to depend on.

It’s easy enough to put up an opt-in form on your own website. But what do you do when you want to capture email addresses from platforms like LinkedIn and Medium? What if you are already on Medium or LinkedIn and you wanted to build an email list, off your reader base there?

That’s where this nifty tool called Rabbut helps.

Rabbut lets you create sign up forms or optin forms that you can “embed” within (in-line, above, or under) your LinkedIn posts and Medium posts.

On Medium, your stories tend to get drowned among the other comments you might leave on others’ “stories”. So, if someone were to look at your profile, they’d be presented with your latest comment or story — whichever comes first.

You’d want them to read your actual published stories and comments can come next.

For Medium publishing, Rabbut also provides you with a “Story Card” so that you always have a way to showcase your actual stories.

Here’s how it looks on Medium:

Rabbut on Medium

This is how it looks when people click on your signup form on LinkedIn:

Rabbut on Linkedin

Rabbut also lets you send out a summary to your subscribers each time you publish a new story on Medium or a new post on LinkedIn.

Rabbut Triggers

Every publish you post on LinkedIn, your own blog, and Medium is crucial and you would want to maximize your returns on all that hustle you put in.

Rabbut is a great way to do start converting your loyal audiences on these parallel platforms and maximize the worth of your content publishing efforts.

Have you used Rabbut yet? Signup for a free trial and see how it goes for you.