Want to build a mobile app for your business?

It’s only getting harder to get more mobile app users to download your app.

Likewise, it’s also getting hard to build a list. Everyone in business likes to believe that the real money lies in your email list.

You’d want to work towards building your mailing list. If you do have a mobile app, you’d want to work to increase your user base.

You’d need your website to be more engaging, more purposeful, and more useful than ever.

A mobile app has two important characteristics when it comes to user engagement.

1. When users download apps, they signal a sort of a commitment to your business. Like when you download Uber, you’ve decided to use Uber.
2. Push notifications are terrific for communicating with your users even if they don’t open the app. As long as they allow notifications on their smartphones).

It’d be nice to get the power of push notifications to your regular website visitors. That’s where PushCrew comes in.

PushCrew lets you communicate with your users, in real-time, using just a browser. You can reach your users’ browsers anywhere on the web. Send them alerts and notifications across devices.

PushCrew claims higher opt-in rates and click rates than emails. You also get more page views, and allows you to send more personalized “pushes”.

Push Notifications can get you subscribers, users, and readers real fast. Your users don’t have to sacrifice their email addresses.

Send clickable messages along with custom notifications. Also send alerts for new blog posts by using your RSS feeds.

Hook your readers (regardless of where they are). Get them back to your website to engage them further.

PushCrew is a product from the makers of The popular Visual Website Optimizer. That fact that leadpages used the product does lend it a bit of credibility.

I haven’t used PushCrew yet and I do intend to. If you did, please do let me know what you think about it.