The rise of video as a popular medium for brands, marketers, individuals, corporates, and many others is inevitable.

As Vala Afsar of HuffingtonPost points out,

“In April of 2015, it was unveiled that over 4 billion videos were being played back each day on the Facebook platform alone. By September, this number had doubled to a staggering 8 billion video views per day.

Cisco now predicts that 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019, up from 64% in 2014. And in a recent market survey by research firm Demand Metric, 74% of B2B marketers reported that video now converts better than other content types.”

Now that video converts so much better than possibly any other type of content, it only makes sense for everyone to get on the bus.

But, video doesn’t come easy for many entrepreneurs. While some brands and businesses have the cash and resources to dig into, many solo business owners, individual bloggers, and others just don’t have the resources needed to get professional quality, seriously high-converting video assets.

That’s when Promo from Slidely gives you an edge.

With promo, you can:

Make Videos for Facebook Ads:

If you ever tried Facebook ads before, you know how competitive it’s getting out there. But at the same time, it’s also still one of the best ways to use paid advertising for your business. Having said that, videos convert spectacularly on Facebook and you can use Promo to create your ads for Facebook. Match made in heaven.

Introduction Videos: 

Need videos for your home page or landing page? Would you like videos on your order bump pages or funnels? You can use videos easily (and no, you don’t have to get in front of a camera if you don’t like to) and create professional and quick videos to get the point across and boost your conversions on your home page or landing page.

Sale promos: 

Have a sale coming up? Instead of writing just a blog post or depending on the “1-hour shelf-life of social media channels”, use the videos you create on Promo to extend the virality of your ads and assets. Put these videos up on your landing pages or anywhere else you might be promoting.

Go big on Instagram: 

Instagram is almost untapped for many small businesses. I can’t blame anyone for that since you might be mistaken to think that “Well, it’s another social platform”. Instagram is so big — and still uncharted relatively — that you might just as well find gold there. Images, photos, and graphics are the staple on Instagram, but if you add videos to the mix, you’ll be able to pull in there with strength and a leg up on your competition.


According to the folks from Promo,

“When you use Promo, we give you high-end footage paired with the perfect music. In just a few short clicks, you get a beautiful, fully licensed video.No editing skills required.

No high production costs. No complicated script needed. Just login and start clicking. We make it almost too easy to get the results you need.”

You get high-quality marketing videos, done for you, with just a few clicks thanks to the ever expanding library of high-quality, professional video footage, music, and a drag-and-drop editor within promo to help create your marketing videos.

Here are the different types of videos you can create depending on your marketing objectives:

Video Ads Creator

Your videos, after you create them, can be used as ads for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Advertising, and possibly anywhere else you choose to promote them on.

Note that Promo is best used for direct ads, built with direct CTAs. You obviously have other video tools you can use for other types of video assets such as explainer videos, generic videos, and others.

Go ahead and see how Promo makes a difference to your video marketing efforts