It’s hard to do sales.

According to Sales Hacker’s Sales Metrics Report 2016, the average tenure of a B2B sales person is now only 1.4 years (or 16.8 months).

Most sales folks struggle to meet their quote. The new trend of social selling isn’t helping either since the time taken to make a sale is now extended while “social” happens.

Also, what happens with sales folks is not encouraging either.

As Graham Hawkins of SalesTribe writes,

“…most sales people spend very little time selling” – or more specifically, engaged with actual buyers. Sales people often work longer than the typical forty-hour week, and a recent study conducted by Pace Productivity found that the average sales person is only spending around 22% of their typical working week selling. The rest of their time is spent on admin, planning, travel and other duties.

Is it just me, or is this completely insane?”

It is insane.

Imagine the hustle it takes every single day to reach out to completely cold prospects (who seem to be growing weary of the incoming onslaught of marketing messages).

As competition grows, and as more and more of others like you tend to go out there and reach out to potential customers, it only gets harder than it is.

Plus, everyone seems to be saying the same thing, over and over again. It’s time for you to take a different route to your sales outreach or for your sales process.

Whether you are a sales executive or a business owner readying yourself for the hustle, it’s time to put your game face on and try to do something different. helps you create stunning one-page websites (think of them as parallel and highly-focused destinations) for your prospective customers to visit.

Think of as a landing page builder specifically for sales messages and business proposals. Using a drag-and-drop editor, you could quickly create a highly-focused sales-centric one-page website that can be customized specifically for the prospect you are trying to reach out to.

Every page you create can also be shared on email, social, or wherever your prospects hang out at. But then, what’s the point of creating such focused sales-pages if you can’t track what’s happening to each of these pages, right? allows you to track every page you build and also push your creations into a library archive to help you stay on top of your efforts.

Plus, you can share these pages with your team and duplicate pages you created earlier. Needless to say, pages are secure and collaboration is built in if you’d like to work with teams.

Pages you create can be branded, and there are tons of pre-made templates you can work off of.

populr sample main

You know when you create customized thank you pages, such as this one, you are going to be a memorable contact for your prospects, eh?

populr thank you page

Have you used to enhance your sales processes? Tell me about it.