If you ever had a website built by a developer, you’d know just how many times you’d do back and forth with endless changes you’d want to make.

• Make changes here. Change this copy to something else.
• Replace this word with that.
• We need a different image on the home page.
• How about the colors on the buttons?

It takes longer to get these changes done compared to the actual website. For freelancers and agencies, it’s a pain (and a huge drain on resources) to get these changes done along with the responsibility to keep track of all these changes.

For clients, it’s just one of those problems they invite with an endless array of meaningless (non-critical) revisions they think they are entitled to.

Either way, it’s not the smartest way to do work. But then, I knew that something would come along that’d make a huge difference to the way these workflows are managed when it comes to developing and building websites.

You know why Google docs makes for a great tool to create documents? Because you don’t just create stuff; you also get to comment, share, and gather feedback instantly. If two or more users are logged in, while using Google docs, you could actually see live edits happening on the screen.

Now, it’d be nice to something like that when you are developing or building websites for clients or if you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of building your own website – for your own business or for the company you work for.

Pastel gives you a way to have real-time feedback (just like it is for Google docs) while you build your websites.

Pastel allows you to gather feedback – from coworkers, clients, or other members of your team – on an actual website (live or on staging). You can sticky notes and comments on various parts of the website or on various elements.

You can add absolutely any link to start adding sticky notes, comments, or your observations for feedback. You can invite anyone to provide this feedback for you and there’s no need to install any code or do any kind of major integrations. As clients or team members post comments, you can resolve them together with your clients or your team members.

You do have a free trial and then the paid plans start at $25 per month for individuals or small teams and at $20 per month for agencies and larger plans.

What do you think Pastel could do for your website building workflows? How do you think it makes a difference to your work? Tell me all about it.