When was the last time you actually remembered when to renew your domain name? Now, that question pertains to you if you have just one domain name to manage. What if you had several domains, spread across multiple registrars? Or are you depending on those respective registrars to actually remind you to renew your domains?

If you said yes, you are walking a thin line. If you have multiple domains and assuming each of those is of any importance to you, it’s really a pain to remember multiple recurring dates. As if each of the dates for paying up credit card dues, bills, mortgage payments — and God knows what else – wasn’t enough, should remembering, managing, and buying domain names really be that hard?

I personally have domain names hosted on Godaddy, Namecheap, and 1 & 1 and I have no idea but a random guess about when my domain names are supposed to be renewed.

There should be a smarter way to manage your domains [], and Nuage App does just that. The Nuage app helps you buy domains in seconds, import your existing domains from multiple registrars, and also give you a way to automatically renew your domains on time (except unless you don’t want to renew).

Buying domains using the Nuage App is as simple as typing in your required domain and choosing from over 545 TLDs. In fact, Nuage automatically searches for domain name availability as you type and give you results by the time you are done typing.

Unlike regular domain name registrars that ask you to fill in forms (WhoIs, admin details, business details, and more), you’d just enter your contact details and a credit card. Once you are done, your information is always saved so that Nuage recognizes, manages, and handles renewals for you.

The best part is that Nuage also connects with your registrar’s API and allows you to manage all your domains (across registrars) in one single dashboard. No transfers. No worries. No logging into separate registrars when you “thought” you had to renew your domain. Worse still, logging in only to realize that you missed that “Renew before your domain expires” email from your registrar and miss your renewal completely.

You’ll also be able to edit your DNS from inside the panel, connect with other services such as Tumblr, SquareSpace, Weebly, Shopify, and Medium.

Have you used Nuage yet? Tell me about it.