I remember how I used to squirm when clients would ask me to “email the brochure” or “send in an email” with more product information soon after I pitched my company’s products.

I’d squirm because it’s a pain to get back to the office, find the relevant information that each client asked for, and then send in that information. Those days (this was at least 7-8 years ago), I’d have no smartphones, tablets, or fancy cloud solutions to help me deal with this part of the sales pitch.

We’ve now come a long way from this persistently irritating issue of not having enough material on hand while talking to a potential client. Many sales opportunities are lost because of a “disconnect” of any kind.

When you don’t have material at hand, there’s a disconnect.
If you don’t come across as trustworthy, there’s a disconnect.
The client thinks you are too pushy? You know there’s a disconnect.

Disconnect in a sales call is expensive. You’d do better without it.

In fact, as the folks at Radius put it, companies win only 30% of all sales opportunities, ever.

That’s disastrous, if you ask me.

If you zoom in a little, John Moroney of Pipe Liner CRM writes there are two critical reasons why we lose sales opportunities:


1. Failure to differentiate your offering from the competition
2. Failure to differentiate the buying experience from the competition.

So, how do you handle that? How do you differentiate your products or service offerings from that of your competition? How do you bring in a great sales experience?

MyBusinessGenie is a handy tool to help you get work done while you are on the move. It helps you showcase your work, present your portfolio right off your tablet, explain ideas visually, and even collaborate with your potential (or existing) customers, right there.

If you are into product sales, you can show your catalogued (which is always kept up-to-date). Plus, this a great opportunity for you to cross-sell and upsell, when you think it’s appropriate.

With MyBusinessGenie, you can also capture leads on the go, access lead history when needed, generate real-time quotes, produce invoices, and create contracts.

Do you offer services or trade your expertise? Allow customers to book online, customer and organize your day-to-day tasks, manage product/service photos, books, calendars, and even team members.

You also get to manage projects and other team members right off the MyBusinessGenie Dashboard.

Do checkout how MyBusinessGenie can help streamline your business workflow. Let me know what you think about it