You know that social media is big. It gets you traffic, it’s your opportunity to have conversations with your blog readers, potential customers, existing customers, investors, and vendors.

If your blog is your publishing platform, all of our chosen social networks are your amplification and networking platforms.

But for most of you reading this blog, generating traffic comes as a priority and if you are using WordPress, there’s nothing else out there like Monarch.

Monarch Plugin by Elegant Themes — which is known for its popular Divi Builder 3.0 and the Divi theme — is the cleanest, meanest, baddest boy out there when it comes to simple Social Media buttons to enable social sharing.

Now, you might ask, there are so many plugins out there for social media, what’s so special about the Monarch Plugin?

Monarch Is Clean Code

Monarch plugin is extremely well-built and is light weight. It doesn’t take up loads of space and it won’t clutter your admin dashboard. More importantly, it won’t pollute your WordPress code and it really goes easy on resources.

Unlike some plugins that are make a big splash all across your admin dashboard and deep into your code, Monarch plugin sits there quietly, waiting for you to focus on your content (and not fumble with plugins).

Monarch Social Plugin Is Minimalism In Social Buttons

Too manny options in real life leads to The Paradox of Choice. Thrown in just as many options to any plugin, and you get WordPress plugin bloat.

You don’t need options with social media buttons; at least, not as many that it’d leave you fumbling with your basic plugin install.

Monarch social plugins give you just about enough choices to play with in terms of design. However, I am big on utility and Monarch has everything you’d ever need.

Easy to Setup Social Media Sharing

No fussing around a bewildering set of options for your social media sharing. Click on plugin settings, setup once, and forget it. Your social media buttons will do their job unobtrusively while you focus on creating content and everything else that you’d need to do for your blog or business.

Monarch Settings

Monarch Plugin’s Social Media Share Stats

Not many social media plugins give you this, but think about this for a second: it’d be nice to see your social sharing stats. You’d want to know how many people liked, shared, and reshared your blog posts.

Plus, the social media buttons make it easy for you to share your own posts on social media.

Monarch’s Stats show up below each page and post after you publish (from within the WordPress Dashboard). Stay on top of your numbers, of course.

Monarch Social Media Share Stats

Do you use the Monarch social media plugin from Elegant themes? Do you use something else? Tell me about it.