Do you often find the need to explain instructions over and over again? Do you or your team respond better to visuals than text? Are you a marketer, trainer, coach, a business owner, or consultant?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, you know how powerful videos can be to communicate, to tell stories, to teach, to train, to educate, and even to inspire.

You could have any kind of fancy gear to do your videos, but sometimes you just need to communicate clearly to provide instructions for someone else to follow.

That’s where Loom shines. It’s a free but brilliant tool to create videos for free and It’s the easiest way to create quick videos for free

What are the use cases, you ask?


Jeff of RiskAnalyze managed to train his team 4x, thanks to Loom. As he puts it,

“Using video for training documentation is ~350% faster than text and screenshot.

Reduces number of questions throughout the week with more precise training and employee info retention

Surprise benefit of enthusiasm for how much employees like videos, especially those who are remote

By bringing out quick 1-7 minute videos, Jeff managed to ramp up his training and make sure his team is on the same page, with everyone doing what they need to.

Onboarding Customers or employees

Let’s say you have a web-based app, mobile app or a SaaS tool. It’d be so nice to login and have a couple of videos available somewhere that show exactly how to use the tool to squeeze the most of it. While a few companies like Drip take it to a different level with their extensive courses, videos, and a library of goodness, you could do what Liz of RootsRated did: she uses Loom for rapid and effective customer Onboarding process.

Online Courses

You know how hot online tutorials on YouTube and standalone online courses are. You could practically use Loom to create a complete library of tutorials as long as you have to share the computer screen to show people how things are done. For everything else, you have the camera.

Once you create videos for your modules, all you have to do is to use a platform like WordPress or Coach to setup your course.

As I am writing this, I am using loom to record a few videos for both my Free Digital Marketing mini course and for my freelancing course.

YouTube Channel

Whether you want to be the next YouTube superstar or just launch a channel to teach and gain your audience, YouTube is huge.

You just have to be there and experience the influx and the momentum of traffic that’ll come your way. Most people get the jitters to start doing videos (I know, because I have those jitters big time and I still hide behind computer screens).

Loom makes it so easy to quickly create screen sharing videos and launch your channel with just those. You can always use fancy equipment to shoot your other videos, but I think this should be a great start for your YouTube Channel.

Have you used Loom? Share your experiences with me.