A logo is often the starting point for most startups and businesses. The trouble is this: you’d often spend more time on the logo than you should on validating your idea, doing everything you need to for digital marketing (such as blogging, content marketing, SEO, social media, and email marketing).

Startup founders either get too stuck with the product development or on branding while not paying attention to what they should to gain traction, attract their first customers, and more.

As Aj Agarwal of Forbes writes,

“There’s a certain magic to telling a story without even saying a word. When you think about it, we’re not only talking about catching someone’s eye, but having them digest emotion, personality and passion…all in less than a second.”

You need that for your brand, starting with your logo. You’d need a way to communicate your story in 2-3 seconds flat. You’d want to leave a lasting impression for

Assuming you do believe that logos are important and that you’d want a logo that truly syncs with your business, good luck trying to find the best talent to help you design your logos.

Remember: Most of the world’s largest brands bothered to change logos only after being established. As Naz Riahi of HuffingtonPost reminds us, most businesses outrgow their logos.

You’d find a need to revisit the design later.

Don’t stress it. Just find what works for you and get started.

Custom Logos for Startups
Temmplates don’t work since you’d need a degree of uniqueness for your logo.

If you choose Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerhour it’d take you a lot of time to find the right person to design the logo. It’s another thing that you’d take even longer to get the logo itself designed: from idea and concept to realizing it, with the to and fro communication in between.

Logilix aims to solve this problem forever. You can pick from the free logos available for you to download immediately and use it for your launch (customize logos later).

Or, start with one of their custom logos packages starting at $500 just for the logo or pick their full-branding package at $1300, one-time.

Free logos for Startups

According to the folks at Logolix,

“Finding talented designers is tough. Design firms are expensive, crowdsourcing is a gamble, and searching for the right freelancer can take weeks. Our Custom Logo Design Service is the best solution for your startup if you are looking for minimalistic, modern, and memorable brand identity.”

Did you check out LogoLix yet? Tell me what you think about it.