launchrock review

I am not sure if you realized it (it’d be pretty presumptuous on my part to assume that you’d) but I used before we started out with this website for some early promotions and for the pre-launch.

Launchrock can be a great way to showcase your business and sign-up users pre-launch and it works remarkably well since it’s based out of WordPress (which is easy to install and use). It’s the fastest way to acquire customers. It comes as a minimalist theme with a single page and an optional email sign-up module that you can use before you launch your main website.

A good example of how your pre-launch website will look is the website itself where you’ll see nothing but an overarching background (which relates to your business) and an email sign-up widget that shows up right on the foreground.

Landing Page in a minute

You don’t need any fancy website design for your landing page for your pre-launch (simply because you really don’t need it at this point of your business).

You do need a landing page though and if it’s free, you really have no excuses for not using one. Using LaunchRock you can set –up your landing page in minutes and custom design it using a big, background image that relates to your business.

Everything leads to your landing page

Pre-launch, all your promotional efforts through PPC, SEO, Social Media, and email marketing would lead to this landing page you created. Using the email sign-up module, plug your favorite email program (such as Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc.).

Start building your list even before your business takes shape. Remember, these subscribers are enthusiastic patrons and figure out a way to keep them happy at all times.

Hustle to get featured on Launchrock

Persuading launchRock to feature your website on their gallery takes a bit of hustle on your part, but it’s worth the effort. Thousands of visitors come to each day. They could be new visitors who want to check out launchrock, or previous users.

Many would want to see how other businesses build landing their respective landing pages (and you’d want to be one of them, eh?) and you could be so striking as to warrant a special post on their blog just as Wearable managed.

Do more, if you can

No, you don’t have to accept what’s given; you could do a lot more if you can. Add new skins, change backgrounds, customize the WordPress theme and customize CSS to make your landing page as unique as you want it to be.

Chris Smith – founder of Blitify – wrote a post on LaunchRock Blog on how to customize your LaunchRock Landing page

Have you used LaunchRock? Would you like to showcase your landing pages here?