LaPa Landing Pages Inspiration
Oh, we are so lost on Landing Pages inspiration, the whole lot of us. Yet, we also have plenty of it when we need to.

Landing pages, you all know, is critical for any kind of campaign. You need some sort of action, you’d need a landing page to help capture all the lead generation action, provide focus for the campaign, help boost the conversion rates,and the most bang for your buck.

Most landing page inspiration examples usually come from blog posts from the popular blogs such as HubSpot, Unbounce, or WishPond. Those are good ones, and you’d do well to bookmark those.

There are elements of landing pages that are outright essential, and you can’t ever miss those.

Oli Garder of Unbounce puts out this helpful graphic on how the elements should be laid out:


No matter how much you try to get deep into the science of building landing pages, you’ll often meet the good, old blank screen. Your fingers won’t move. You can’t seem to put two blocks together. If you use any of those DIY landing page builder tools, you won’t even be motivated to drag or to drop.

You just won’t move an inch.

Meanwhile, you’d need to put up those landing pages anyway. Those campaigns wait. The leads wait. The business itself waits.

Landing Pages Inspiration

That’s when you need some inspiration and LaPa Ninja picks off on some of the cleanest collection of landing pages I’ve seen. We just can’t take our eyes off every other landing page listed there.

Think of LaPa as the Awwwards for Landing Pages. Constantly updated, LaPa provides for the freshest and probably the most beautiful landing pages on the planet. While you are there, be sure to dig deeper and find not just landing pages inspiration but also say hello to some of the coolest and newest apps that just launched.