JumpShare Review

You do have Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and many other tools to store files, sort them, and share them.

Each of those apps are cool and they all serve various purposes. Evernote alone is used in so many different ways that I’d need a separate website just focusing on Evernote alone.

Yet, something seems to be amiss. If you share a dropbox folder or a file hosted on DropBox, you can download it. With a public sharing link grabbed off Evernote, you can view it if someone sends it to you.

You see how primitive sharing is, as you read this? It surprising that no one thought of a better way to share and collaborate on files. They did think of “storing and viewing files”, “taking notes and organizing them”, and more.

So, in comes JumpShare and it does one thing really well: it helps you create folders, name them, share the links with clients or team members, and more. What’s more, you ask?

Here goes:

And this is how it works:

Fast uploads and shares

File Sharing With Jumpshare

The experience of uploading files and sharing them felt incredibly fast (ask me about DropBox later). When you upload files, JumpShare automatically clubs your uploads together and gives names according to file names and file types.

PDF uploads, are puportedly JumpShare’s strength, so I checked it with custom marketing plan document I had. This is how it looks:

You can virtually upload any kind of file type and documents. You can also upload text files, mark downs, visuals, and bookmark anything (Important websites, articles, etc.)

Share files without an account

Unlike dropbox or other services, JumpShare doesn’t require you to create an account to share files.

Here’s how it’s done:

You can drag & drop your files on to the home page (or hover over the dotted box to click) and share them. There are only two limitations; the total size of files you share at one time cannot exceed more than 250 MB and the files will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

To overcome these limitations, you will have to create an account, which is free and does not take more than a few seconds to create.

The File Viewer & Security

The file viewer is arguably the best thing JumpShare can give you. For the files I uploaded above, pixels don’t stretch and it’s almost as good as my retina display can go. The File Viewer for JumpShare is faster than I’ve ever experienced so far and it previews everything, along with spreadsheets.

Custom Marketing Plan

Here’s the PDF I uploaded. Take a look at it, in for real: http://jmp.sh/rs4toyL

Share even without loading files completely

With most tools, you’d have to wait until the files load and then share it with team or clients using a link. JumpShare uses real time sharing. This means that you can share a link to a folder or file even while the files are being uploaded.

Unspoilt Color & quality Output

For designers and developers, there’s usually an issue with colors not showing up the way they were supposed to when comps, visuals, prototypes, and other files like those are shared. As a designer, you’d be predominantly working with Vector graphics, PSD, and other file formats, and color is important.
JumpShare keeps the quality up and ensures that the color you had used looks good on both the sides.

Blazing fast, high-quality output, fast & real-time sharing with teams and clients. have you used JumpShare yet? Any inputs?