The field of analytics is getting very interesting off late with the likes of Mouseflow and many other tools. These new breed of analytics tools allow you to see a lot more than just numbers and stats – mainly because just those numbers won’t tell you much.

Google Analytics gives you a rich set of data to see who visited, the source of traffic, and the actual number of visits.

Plus, you also get to track campaigns, set up goals, and watch how users interact with your site.

But you only see numbers and links, not much beyond that.

App developers, website designers, product developers, and many others find it hard to actually see what users see when their products finally hit the market.

Instead of waiting for user feedback and then working to beat the bugs, it’d be great to actually see the product through your own eyes.

You’ll need a lot of data to make meaningful decisions to drive better conversions and eventually sales.

Let’s say you have an app, a mobile website or a completely responsive website. You’d then want to see how your website loads, how each of those carefully crafted animations appear on user screens, and how your JavaScript loads.

Jaco a new tool on the block that lets you see exactly what your users do on your website, app, or other web properties.

Much like Mouseflow – but minus the wealth of information such as heat maps, form conversion metrics, session replays, geo data, scroll data, and funnels – Jaco helps you just watch and learn from your visitors’ interactions on your website.

Jaco’s unique reader technology helps you track and analyze user sessions – including interactions with your site pages, animations, CSS, and even dynamic content.

Useful for developers and coders as a useful, real-time testing tool and also for business owners, app owners, and SaaS tool managers to see their product development, usage, and deployment in real time.

Jaco also has advanced features such as the ability to sort and filter results based on specific user actions, automatic session scoring, and more – all ways to rate your sessions and look for the most relevant and helpful insights.

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